Lawrence County court news

Wednesday, September 18, 2019



Aaron Aimslee, fishing without a permit, misd. A, fined $200.

Freddie E. Branham III, failure to maintain vehicle insurance, misd. D, fined $175.

Lisa Marie Brannon, failure to display license plates on a vehicle/trailer, infr., fined $59.

Robert R. Hug, DWI, misd. A, 90 days in Lawrence County Jail, suspended execution of sentence (SES); driving while revoked/suspended, misd. D, fined $200; failure to drive on right half of the road, misd. C; 40 hours of community service, recoupment of $78, Law Enforcement Restitution Fund (LERF) $100, Crime Victims Compensation Fund (CVCF) $10.

Ruth Irene Johnson, speeding, infr., fined $121.

Kurtis Michael Klingbeil, speeding, misd. C, fined $70.

James R. Turner, failure to equip/maintain vehicle break system, misd. B, fined $228.

Shayline Olivia Winkler, failure to equip vehicle with a horn in working condition, infr., fined $160.


The following are failure to wear seat belt infractions, fined $10:

Lisa Marie Brannon.

Brandon L. Clevenger.

Anthony Jordan Funk.

Tyler Ray Malcom.



John H. Beal III, possession of a controlled substance except 35 grams or less of marijuana, fel. D, three years in prison, court retains jurisdiction for 120 days for Intensive Treatment Center (ITC).

Brittani L. Watson, third degree assault, misd. A, one year in Lawrence County Jail, SES two years unsupervised probation, recoupment of $5,212.


Brookli C. Scott from Cody R. Scott.

Michelle C. O'Connor from Steven A. Banther.

Dusty Moore from Lisa A. Moore.

The following are name changes:

Brookli C. Scott to Brookli C. Pollock.


Timothy Adam Flagg, Jr., 19, of Cape Fair to Laddie Paige Gwin, 18, of Cape Fair, Dec. 15, 2018.

Shawn Michael Waltrip, 23, of Aurora to Makala Patrice Seek, 22, of Aurora, June 1.

Christopher Matthew Jones, 30, of Pierce City to Samantha Deloris Lenk, 24, of Pierce City. June 13.

Christapher Douglas Schneller, 32, of Mt. Vernon to Charity Nicole Hayes, 26, of Mt. Vernon. June 16.

Gregory Allen Bowman, 58, of Mt. Vernon to Amy Suzanne Jones, 46, of Mt. Vernon, June 22.

Dustin August Nathaniel Dahlstrom, 24, of Pierce City to Klair Ruth Hartzold, 23, of Pierce City, June 15.

Lorenzo Riel Chairez, 27, of Monett to Jade Ashley Harner, 29, of Monett, June 21.

John Carl Alfred Mail III, 47, of Stotts City to Agnese Feser, 43, of Bradenton, June 1.

Logan Michael Fudge, 18, of Billings to Kelsey Brooke Highfield, 18, of Aurora, June 1.

Selvin Regoberto Ramos Perez, 39, of Monett to Rosa Julia Coc Choc, 30 of Monett, June 8.

Andrew Clint Thomsen, 44, of Aurora to Ashley Renee Moore, 30, of Aurora, June 22.

Douglas Ray Ebright, 37, of Aurora to Nancy Carol Ann Mease, 37, of Aurora, June 28.