Four charged in felony rape, sodomy case

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Springfield woman allegedly kidnapped, abused for days

A Springfield woman was allegedly taken against her will on Aug. 20, and held for two days at an Everton home, where she was repeatedly raped and forcibly injected with drugs.

Don Trotter, Lawrence County Prosecuting Attorney, has filed felony charges of first-degree rape, first-degree sodomy and kidnapping against Zachary Wade, James Maggard Jr., David Browning (Arnold) and Donnie Willis, all of Everton. Felony charges of kidnapping and conspiracy to commit rape have also been filed against Wanda Maggard, of Everton.

In a statement of probable cause, Lawrence County Det. Lt. Chris Berry, who investigated the allegations, said the 20-year-old victim reported that on Aug. 20, she left her home an approximately 9:30 p.m. with her cousin, Wade, 28, stopping at a convenience store to get a soft drink.

Wade went into the store and returned with a cup of Dr. Pepper. Within minutes of consuming part of the drink, the victim said she felt under the influence of something, and was not able to put her thoughts together. She lost consciousness and only becoming aware when they arrived at someone's home.

The victim reported being in the presence of Arnold, Maggard and Wade, who were injecting themselves with drugs. She said they told her she was doing the drugs, too, and Maggard allegedly forcibly injected her with the drugs as Wade and Arnold held her down.

Arnold then allegedly attempted force the victim to perform a sexual act, and the victim bit him. Arnold then allegedly raped the victim.

The victim was left the bedroom, at which time Wade allegedly entered the room and started kissing her. The victim said she started to cry, at which point she received another injection.

Maggard then allegedly raped and sodomized the victim again, multiple times. The victim reported Wade giving her a third injection at that point, then committed the same sexual acts again.

At times, the victim was restrained with a belt around her ankle.

The victim was finally able to dress herself and demanded Wade take her home.

At that point, the victim reported receiving a fourth injection and said she felt as if she were dying, passing in and out of consciousness and throwing up.

Wade then took the victim in his car and picked up a woman identified as Wanda Maggard, his mother, and traveling to Springfield to allegedly perform “push outs” at various stores.

The victim recalled being at a specific supermarket and recognizing a law enforcement official, and trying to get his attention, but she was unsuccessful in that attempt.

The victim reported being taken back to Arnold's home in Everton, and other people burning trash. She was approached by a woman identified as Amber Willis, who offered her medication for the nausea.

Donnie Willis then gave the victim a fifth injection before he allegedly raped her.

All suspects in the case have a history of felony crimes.

Arnold has been convicted of a 1992 unlawful use of a weapon charge in Ozark County; a 2000 involuntary manslaughter charge in Lawrence County; a 2000 stealing charge in Lawrence County; a 2001 distribution and manufacturing charge in Greene County; a 2014 possession of a controlled substance charge in Lawrence County; a 2015 driving while intoxicated-persistent offender charge in Greene County; and a 2019 unlawful possession of a weapon charge in Lawrence County.

Wade has been convicted of an undated charge of possession of a controlled substance in Greene County and a 2012 tampering with a motor vehicle charge in Greene County.

James Maggard, Jr., has been convicted of a 2016 child abuse charge in Rush County, Kansas; a 2004 second degree assault charge in Dade County; a 2015 manufacture/distribution of a controlled substance charge in Lawrence County; and 2015 operation of a motor vehicle charge in Lawrence County.

Willis has been convicted of a 1999 stealing charge and a second degree arson charge in Miller County; a 2005 second degree burglary charge in Polk County; a 2010 forgery charge in Barry County; and a 2011 distribute/manufacture of a controlled substance in Polk County.

Wanda Maggard has been convicted of a 2004 forgery charge in Polk County.

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