Letter to the Editor

Deborah Schoen: Former July 4th Celebration chairwoman reflects on event

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Dear Editor:

Do you want Monett to lose its 4th of July Celebration?

If my old 4th Committee (total of 7) were able to make Monett’s 4th of July Celebration the largest event of the year (which we did), then why can’t the Chamber? Because they never wanted advice from us and tried to change a good thing.

I’ve heard 2 complaints numerous times about this year’s. The show was too short and the fireworks too small. My guess? The Chamber put on a show to please only those who came into the park.

The 4th is a “community” event — not a “park” event. People come and go during the day for chicken, rides, swimming and visiting vendors.

So what if they don’t feel like a crowd that night? “Fireworks” is the finale for the day and a tradition for Monett to put one on to be seen from all over.

Class C fireworks don’t cut the mustard, and neither does someone ordering the display that knows nothing about fireworks.

We got our pyro licenses, which taught us about fireworks. Class B fireworks are crowd pleasers and ordered by shell size/display pattern. My advice — find someone knowledgeable about fireworks to order for you.

I urge everyone to call the Monett Chamber. Monett has become famous for having the largest and best fireworks show around. Urge them to consider the advice given. Tell them you want the big shows back so it will continue to be Monett’s big event of the year.

Deborah Schoen

Former Monett 4th of July Chairwoman