Letter to the Editor

Cathy Lewis: Support for animal shelters urged after dog attack

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Dear Editor:

Recently you carried an article about animal control in Marionville. As quoted:

“We are also setting up volunteer meeting in Marionville, in order to get more volunteers, and we invite council members and the animal control officer to this meeting,” she said. “We want to help improve the quality of life of animals in our community, including the white squirrels, that are disappearing.”

However, people who know our farm can attest to the fact that we protect our own animals. My personal family has been going through a terrible nightmare for one week.

This nightmare would bring tears to your eyes, too. Our grandniece, 16, was riding her bike in Goodman. A dog who had not been taken care of bit her on the calf. First, the ER followed all their procedures. Then, the next day the Junior had several very scary hours. The leg tissue changed to black.

The owners have other tickets and warrants but they did not have to hold down this gentle, shy teen for 21 shots around the wound — 21.

Today, this innocent young lady is starting rabies shots.

So, we could demand these negligent people to pay for all the expenses, but they already have issues. 

Here, you have a sadly neglected dog who has inflicted horrible pain and suffering. Support our animal shelters to get these animals off the street before another innocent child is attacked.

Cathy Lewis

Pierce City