EFCO progress reviewed for Kiwanians

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Focus on facilities, upgrades enhancing local operation

Josh Wignall, director of marketing for EFCO Corporation, presented a review of the history of EFCO, its long-term goals and the impact of ownership by industry giant Apogee on the Monett Community.

Wignall came to EFCO from Iowa and worked at Pella, EFCO's previous owner, prior to his move here.

One of the largest employers in the area, EFCO continues to underline its commitment to Monett through its restoration efforts. Many building owners donít want to invest in new construction but want to add value to their existing investments. Construction of the new $15.7 million warehouse presently underway at EFCO's main plant on Bridle Lane reflects that priority, Wignal noted.

Wignal addressed how tariffs affect EFCO's Monett operations. As a focus on sustainability, EFCO uses the Monett Hydro Aluminum remelting plant as a source for recycled aluminum.

Wignall reminded the club to make time to admire the attractive new curtain wall facade on an EFCO South branch office next to Save-A-Lot. The company renovated its old building to better serve the needs of their employees and to give it an updated look. The result, club members noted, has given a modern image to the community for passersby on the highway.

The club thanked the speaker and made note of many employees who have been a part of the EFCO family over these 65 years.