Letter to the Editor

Robert E. Ballay: Local: Resident Landowner Hunting Permits an undercover tax increase

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Dear Editor:

The Missouri Department of Conservation is planning to introduce more restrictive requirements on the issuance of Resident Landowner Hunting Permits, and to further require that said Landowners “register” their land.

MDC claims public support for these changes.

Anyone with even blurry eyesight knows very well that our game animal population is very healthy, and in some instances even a collision risk. Restricting Landowner hunting rights is, thus, nothing but an undercover tax increase.

With huge amounts of our government budget already spent monitoring law-abiding citizens, even as our borders are left wide open, the last thing our tax money should be spent on is yet more bureaucracy that will only track those who are already paying their property taxes.

With regard to the MDC approval statistics, I request they divulge what percentage of the respondents were landowners who would be impacted by the new regulations versus the percent who have “no skin in the game” but do apparently feel qualified to tell me how to manage my hard-earned property.

If you are concerned about yet more taxes and yet more regulation, my suggestion is to contact your state legislators.

Robert E. Ballay