Lora Wright receives ag scholarship

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

MHS grad honored at Oklahoma State University

Lora Wright, a 2018 Monett High School graduate and a student at Oklahoma State University, received a scholarship from the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources during the recent scholarships and awards banquet.

The daughter of Larry and Jodi Wright, Lora received the Shawnee Milling Company Endowed Scholarship.

More than $330,000 in scholarships were awarded to more than 150 students at the banquet. These scholarships are part of the $1.7 million in total scholarships CASNR students will receive during the 2019-2020 academic year from both the college and its academic departments.

“It is an honor and a privilege to award scholarships to help fund their CASNR experience,” said Dr. Cynda Clary, CASNR associate dean of academic programs. “The banquet is our time to congratulate and recognize our outstanding students, faculty, staff and alumni for their hard work and accomplishments each year. CASNR Week is our opportunity to celebrate our college and everything we represent. With students and faculty from all over the world, our college is comprised of a diverse group of individuals whose different strengths make CASNR special.”

CASNR believes in the value of hands-on education and the importance of having a well-rounded student experience. The college’s award-winning faculty members are dedicated to developing students and are passionate about adding value to the total educational experience.