Emergency supply bags help MHS

Saturday, March 2, 2019
Pictured with the new emergency supply bags for Monett High School, from left, are: Cox Monett Hospital officials Janell Patton and President Darren Bass, students Kierstin Powell, Sasha Mace, Alyssa Waterman, Brandon Majors, Riley Braden, Jamie Guinn, Cxecilia Hoffman, Principal David Williams and safety committee coordinator Ashley Cupps. Murray Bishoff/times-news@monett-times.com

Cox Monett Hospital has provided 40 emergency supply bags for Monett High School.

Teacher Ashley Cupps, from the safety committee, said during annual practice drills, teachers brainstormed on how to make their efforts more efficient. They concluded they needed supplies, like bandages, cold compresses, hand tools, batteries, tissues and a paracord to help move obstructions.

Cox Monett Hospital offered to provide the supplies, which were packed into a bag for each classroom. Cupps said the bags will become part of the regular procedures in drills, grabbed in each evacuation. Substitute teachers would also have briefing on their use.