Letter to the Editor

Sue Hood: Purdy woman grieving death of library

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Dear Editor:

I am in mourning. My friends are, also. A very good friend is dying, and I am so sad.

Our library in Purdy is closing on March 1. Our library has been faithful and helpful throughout my life in Purdy. It offered story time for our children, computer use, newspapers and magazines to enrich our minds, and of course, reading pleasures for all.

I, like many others, thought our library would live forever. I, like many others, thought somehow there would be tax money to support its life. But, we’ve not visited it, we’ve not cared enough to do what it takes to keep it alive, to vote for a tax levy increase, and so, we see its life end.

I am sorry, and I I know many of you are, also, but It’s my fault, and the fault of many who care about having a library in Purdy. We chose to ignore an important community resource. There’s a lesson here. Remember to support the things you love — people, churches, libraries — because you never know when they may die from your lack of attention, patronage and love.

Sue Hood