Letter to the Editor

Viga Hall: Photo brings back happy memories for California reader

Friday, October 12, 2018

Dear Editor:

The Tom Dewey picture (Barry-Lawrence Midweek, Oct. 2, from the visit of New York Governor Tom Dewey, and his wife, Frances Hutt Dewey, to Monett on Oct. 14, 1948) brings back a Hall family story.

As you may know, V.B. Hall Sr. and my brother, Ben, were on the Harry Truman train as it came to town (on Sept. 29).

When Tom Dewey’s train came to Monett, it was interesting for our family. It turned out that Mrs. Dewey was a teacher at Central School in Monett. She had a room across the street at the home of my grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. F.M. Hall.

So Mrs. Dewey had very fond memories of her time living across the street. So she left the train and went up to see her old home. She also talked to the locals about my grandparents and how happy she was to see the house — etc. etc. — even though the house was (in 1948) already the Bennett-Wormington Funeral Home. Her room on the top floor was still the same as when she stayed there.

The last time I visited the “home,” the top floor (there are three full floors) was still the same.

So, we had a story to tell of our family friendships with both parties. I was a student at MU at the time. Brother Ben was the vice president of the Young Democrats Club. So he went home for the Truman Train. Such happy times.

Viga Hall

Northridge, Calif.