Sales tax sees big surge in August

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Monett, Pierce City, Purdy all set August records

After a lull in sales tax revenues to the bi-county area in July, receipts made a strong rebound with 22 percent gains in August, led by Monett.

Monett’s two sales taxes generating 1 percent for paying general bills produced $158,932.28, up $51,209.60, or 48 percent, for a new August record. The sum was more than double the August payment in 2005.

While receipts have only topped last year twice in the five months of fiscal year 2018-2019, the fiscal year sum topped last year’s pace for the first time in August at $837,203.28, ahead by nearly $27,000. The 2018 total of $1,319,966.53 is up by about $18,000, or 1.5 percent.

The positive trend continued in Monett’s neighbors. Pierce City’s two sales taxes for the general fund totaling 1.125 percent generated $10,600.07, also an August record, up $3,290.91, or 45 percent, from a year ago. It was also double the amount received as recently at 2015. Like Monett, Pierce City’s sales tax had topped last year only twice in the four months of the current fiscal year, with the August disbursement pushing the sum to $37,820.70, over last year’s pace for the first time by almost $700. It was an August record for the eight years Pierce City has collected two taxes to support the general fund.

Pierce City’s 2018 general fund sum at $82,174.18 is now ahead of last year’s pace by almost $4,000.

Purdy’s 1 percent sales tax supporting the general fund received $6,787.68 in August, up $2,244.64, or 49 percent, over a year ago, a record for the nine years Purdy has had one tax fueling its general fund. Two months into the new fiscal year, Purdy’s sales tax has split against last year, but it was enough to push the current total ahead by $13.69.

Compared to last year’s pace, Purdy’s 2018 total of $40,770.12 is lagging behind by almost $2,000.

Verona barely came up short compared to last August. The city’s 1 percent sales tax for general bills yielded $2,627.57, a drop of $65.28. Verona’s totals were so close that the combined decrease in all four of Verona’s taxes created a deficit of only $166.90.

In the five months of Verona’s new fiscal year, totals for the general fund have been down three times. the sum of $14,704.39 is lagging by about $600. The 2018 total of $25,894.05 is ahead of last year’s pace by more than $2,500 or more than 11 percent.

Sales tax to cities and the county governments totaled $1,778,799.27 in August. Factoring out the Lawrence County law enforcement tax, Monett’s aquatic center and Miller’s transportation tax, the same taxes collected a year ago generated 22 percent more.

The six Lawrence County cities collecting sales tax received a total of $396.355.67. Comparing the same taxes collected a year, that represented 14 percent more revenue from the same sources, with every city except Verona showing a gain.

Aurora’s 1 percent tax for general expenses generated $76,967.51, up $1,110.61. Mt. Vernon’s 1 percent tax covering the general fund produced $63,579.12, a gain of $8,392.80, or 15 percent. Marionville’s 1 percent tax for the general fund received $12,874.20, up $7,596.53 for a 69 percent gain. Miller’s two sales taxes totaling 1.5 percent yielded $9,952.41, up $6,812.31, triple the amount received last August.

The seven Barry County cities collecting sales tax received $587,274.43. That was a 37 percent gain compared to the same taxes collected last August, the biggest one month percentage gain since January 2015. Only Exeter and Washburn failed to top last August’s tallies.

Cassville’s 1 percent tax generated $72,310.18 for paying general bills, up $10,170.88, or 16 percent. Likewise, Seligman’s 1 percent tax produced $16,356.95 for the general fund, up $6,914.99, or 73 percent.

Wheaton, which had a phenomenally low August a year ago, received $5,336.67 for its 1 percent general fund, up $3,904.48, or nearly four times more than a year ago. Exeter’s 1 percent tax yielded $1,255.18, a drop of $274.02 from a year ago. Washburn’s 1 percent general fund tax received $892.40, down $441.75, or a third from last August.

Countywide taxes shared in the big municipal gain.

Lawrence County’s two half-percent taxes for general bills and roads each produced $121,450, each up by $15,153, or more than 14 percent. County revenues are ahead of last year’s pace for both taxes by $15,000.

The law enforcement sales tax brought in $120,915.24, putting its 2018 sum over $1 million in eight months, on target to hit the projected $1.5 million by year’s end.

Barry County’s two half-percent taxes for county operations and road maintenance received $178,189.61 and $178,221.03 respectively, each up by more than $28,500. Revenues from those taxes have been up in seven of the last eight months, pushing the general fund tally up nearly $50,000 over a year ago.

The separate sales tax supporting Barry County’s 911 service produced $133,587.64 in August, up $21,393.58, or 19 percent over a year ago. That put the 2018 total at $1,065,903.93, up 3 percent from last year’s pace.

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