Letter to the Editor

Laura Hanke: Reader: Foster children need consistency at young age

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Dear Editor:

I want to tell you about the unheard cries of a six year old.

This all started for a 6-year-old girl on Oct. 15, 2015, and is still going on today.

She has been defined by the foster care system as a troubled child. All the child wants is to be back with her dad. She has never waiver in what she wants. She has been moved to five different foster homes in a two-year time span.

On the 14th of August her dad was told she was being moved to another foster home. This happened to fall on her seventh birthday. That’s a sad way to remember your birthday. All she wanted was to see or talk to her dad.

She has begun to feel like an unwanted child on the foster care system. To them she is just a paycheck for the foster parents and caseworkers in Aurora.

Kindergarten and first grade are important grades for a child’s education and development. There was no consistency at school and at home for her. She will be behind in school for which I blame on the foster system. Bonds between the foster care parent and the child were never formed. DFS can’t see that a young child should have a voice in her life and where she lives.

Keep consistency in a child’s life and parents will be happy. Try “listening” and you will be able to hear her cries.

Laura Hanke