Letter to the Editor

Karen Standerwick: Reader hopes ‘Designated Driver’ service is revived

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Dear Editor:

I was saddened to read the article in the June 23-24 paper headlined “Designated Driver hangs up keys” which reported how someone doing good work was penalized rather than rewarded.

On Friday and Saturday nights, Mr. Michael Carter accepted phone calls and Facebook messages from those looking to get home safely and offered free rides. In response to a call to the city in which a complaint was made that he was operating without a business license, Mr. Carter was ultimately summoned to court and paid court costs and reduced fine.

He is ending the service because continuing may lead to jail time. He would like to find a way to continue because of his concern for those who utilized the service.

Mr. Carter did something that served the community as well as those who used his service, potentially saving lives, and I think we should all be concerned that he was punished into stopping.

Let us hope that he and Mothers Against Drunk Driving, with whom he met, can find a solution that will allow Mr. Carter to continue to do the good work he desires to do and this time let’s thank him.

Karen Standerwick