Monett High School underclassmen recognized for achievements

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Top students in each discipline named

Officials at Monett High School have announced underclassmen honors for the 2017-18 academic year.

Social studies

• American government top five: Anna Pham, Marithza Reyes, Erin McCaffrey, Trinity Poynter and Josh Lopez.

• Maddy Lee, AP/DC Government President’s Award.

• Elise Ridenour, AP/DC Government Vice President’s Award.

• Madelyn Milburn, AP/DC Government Speaker of the House Award.

• Marcus Isbell, AP/DC Government President Pro Tempore Award.

• Connor Henry, AP/DC Government Governor’s Award.

• Sociology top students: Wayne Verhoff and Isamar Ibarra.

• Contemporary Issues top students: Maddy Lee and Yasmin Serrano.

The following students received awards for members of the Academic Team: Joe Bricker, Payton Houts, Jonathan Hughes, Aveline McEntire, Katie A. Smith and Ben Verstraete.


• Top five earth science students: Isamar Ibarra, Maddison Coones, Aaron Hoyt, Kirsten Kettner and Xavier Carlill.

• Top 10 physical science students: Andy Pham, Elias Barrientos, England Yarbro, Christian Canales, Dylan Smith, Kimberlee Parris, Chees Nue Hang, Kelsey Hood, Caitlyn Calhoun and Leo Amador Rodriguez.

• Jonathan Hughes, top AP physics student.

• Excellence in biology — Neal Bluel’s classes: Kassie McCallister, Xavier Carlill, Marcelo Villa, Rebecca Clark and Jacob Balmas.

• Top biology students — Garrett Clark’s classes: Katie A. Smith, Ben Verstraete, Christopher Simmons, Blake Wright and Melany Morales.

• Top 10 Chemistry I students: Jonathan Hughes, Sara Drewianka, Amy Tsai, Ashley Kurima, Abigail Kranz, Alice Camp, Blake Wright, Kaesha George, Jacob Balmas and Logan Umfleet.

• Rorri Nolan, most helpful lab student.

• Top five Chemistry II students: Madison Lee, Madilyn Milburn, Camryn Wolf, Lane Witt, and Kelli McCallister and Anna Pham, tied for fifth place.


• Students earning 100 percent all year: Elias Barrientos and Dylan Smith.

• Naturally good at math: Leo Amador Rodriguez and Zackary Duncan.

• High test scores: Jewelia Willoughby and Edwin Ochoa Aldava.

• Good behavior and plenty of A’s: Alexandra Valenciano and Ashley Jenkins.

• Going the extra mile: Melanie Cruz, Kassie McCallister, Abigail Patton, Daniela Hernandez and Kaia Johnson.

• Outstanding achievement in college algebra: Ashley Batson, Brittain Cooper, Erin McCaffrey and Madelyn Milburn.

• Outstanding achievement in pre-calculus: Josh Dixon, Jonathan Hughes, Abigail Kranz, Maddison Lee, Keli McCallister, Madelyn Milburn, Anna Pham and Elise Ridenour.

• Top students in advanced math: Josh Dixon, Madelyn Milburn, Anna Pham, Elise Ridenour, Johnathan Hughes, Abigail Kranz, Maddy Lee and Coen Osborn.

• Top students in statistics: Sam Masri, Alejandra Rivera, Lane Witt, Camryn Wolf and Lora Wright.

• Outstanding achievement in Algebra II: Jacob Balmas, Rebecca Clark, Sara Drewianka, Kaesha George, Cheyenne Jobe, Trevor Kingrey, Ashley Kurima, Aveline McEntire, Arijan Miftari, Marithza Reyes, Amy Tsai, Logan Umfleet, Blake Wright and Angelina Zelinskifeeney.


• Amy Tsai, outstanding Accounting I student.

• Marcus Isbell, outstanding Accounting II student.

• Derek Keeton, outstanding Accounting III student.

• Kassie McCallister, outstanding digital communications student.

• Katie A. Smith, outstanding introduction to business student.

• Connor Henry, outstanding personal finance student.

• Isamar Ibarra, outstanding business law student.

• Abby Patton, outstanding digital photography student.

• Brooke Lemaster, outstanding desktop publishing student.

FBLA State Competition

• Arabella McEntire, first place state competition in business law.

• Trey Johnson and Lora Wright, second place state competition in banking and financial systems.

• Lora Wright, second place state competition in public speaking.

• Lane Witt, third place state competition in agribusiness.

• Aveline McEntire, sixth place state competition in introduction to business communications.

• Payton Houts, sixth place state competition in business law.

• Trey Johnson, Andre Johnson and Marcus Isbell, eighth place state competition in emerging business issues.

• Andre Johnson, eighth place state competition in job interview.

Competing in FBLA National Competition this summer

• Arabella McEntire, business law.

• Trey Johnson and Andre Johnson, banking and financial systems.

• Lane Witt, agribusiness.

• Payton Houts, business law.

Fine Arts

Big 8 Art Awards

• Amy Tsai, first place ceramics, hand built.

• Katie R. Smith, sixth place watercolor.

• Alisa Moua, fifth place ceramics, hand built.

• Magali Sandoval, fifth place sculpture additive.

• Kalysa McGuire, sixth place sculpture additive.

• Ashley Batson, fifth place collage low relief.

• Kaity Ingle, sixth place collage low relief.

Youth Art Month Awards:

• Amy Tsai, ceramic hand built teapot.

• Alisa Moua, ceramic hand built teapot.

• Yasmin Serrano, watercolor painting.

Practical Arts

• Cheyenne Jobe and Wendy Izaguirre, FTA leadership award.

• Janeth Quinones and Nya Saturley, FCCLA leadership award.

• Janeth Quinones, vice president of development, FCCLA Region 11 Officer.

Family and Consumer Science

The following students received awards for scoring 100 percent and demonstrating leadership, enthusiasm, teamwork, work ethic, and integrity on a consistent basis.

• Reagan Washburn, Alisa Moua, Caitlyn Calhoun and England Yarbro, intro to FACS.

• Brenley Copeland, child development/careers.

• Ashlie Gaches, Madeline Williams, Elise Ridenour and Hailen Gudgell, fashion.

• Erin McCaffrey, Monica Reveles and Cye Bouchard, foods.

A+ Recognition

These students were recognized for completing 50 hours of tutoring time this year.

• Lizbeth Salas, Kelli Sangston, Connor Henry, Ashley Batson, Gregory Brown, Kellar McCully, Carly Jenkins, Corey Spain and Jordan Withnell.

Perfect Attendance

• Elizabeth Granados-Ortega, Connor Henry, Andy Pham, Anna Pham, Amy Tsai and Lizandro Villa Fernandez.