Monett man charged with rape

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Minor reports attack at Fairway apartments in Monett

A Monett man has been charged with first-degree rape or attempted rape following a report of sexual assault of a victim under the age of 18.

Joseph J. Rodriguez, 32, of Monett, has been arraigned on the lone charge and is being held in the Barry County jail on a $75,000, cash-only bond.

According to a probable cause statement filed by Det. Jeff Martinson, with the Monett Police Department, the alleged offense took place at about 4 p.m. on Tuesday at an apartment on Fairway Drive in Monett.

The victim reported Rodriguez lives in the same apartment complex and helps the property’s manager with maintenance and other items. The victim requested a door lock be changed following a prior argument with an uninvolved person who took the victim’s keys after the altercation.

Rodriguez informed the victim it would be $25 to replace the lock, and advised the victim to get the keys back. The victim did get the keys back and worked things out with the uninvolved person.

The victim then sent a message to Rodriguez thanking him for the help. The victim and Rodriguez continued exchanging messages and Rodriguez told the victim they should “chill together” if the victim gets free. He then said when the victim is alone, he “need to show you something you are missing.”

The victim was alone at the time and Rodriguez told the victim to tell him to “come chill.”

Rodriguez went to the apartment and said he had an amended lease for the victim to sign. The victim said when the door was opened, Rodriguez handed over the paper, and when the victim went inside to get a pen, Rodriguez came inside and closed the door.

The victim said they were talking on the couch when Rodriguez pulled the victim on top of him. The statement reports the victim told Rodriguez to stop, but he continued, holding on with one hand and removing his clothing with the other.

Rodriguez allegedly forced intercourse with the victim on the couch, then said that was too hard and threw the victim onto a bed.

The statement reports the victim tried to fight Rodriguez off and told him to stop, but he continued and allegedly forced intercourse with the victim again.

The victim reported being unsure of what to do, telling Rodriguez it was time to go pick up the uninvolved person.

The victim said Rodriguez then got up, put his clothes on and said, “I need a drink, a sandwich and three hours with you,” then he left.

According to Monett Police Chief George Daoud, the alleged rape was reported at about 10:57 p.m. Tuesday, and Rodriguez was identified as a suspect and arrested.

Rodriguez also has pending probation violations, including one in a case of misdemeanor domestic assault in September 2017, and another in a case of felony stealing in October 2017. Rodriguez pleaded guilty in both cases and was sentenced to two years probation for the assault and three years probation for the stealing.

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