Letter to the Editor

Kenny Smith: Pierce City mayor addresses concerns

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Dear editor,

Citizens and council, I have several issues I would like to address.

First, I have been on the city council for seven years and now have the honor to serve as your mayor. We were mandated by DNR with updating our sewer treatment plant (completed) and we need to replace ancient, leaky waterlines, due to required accountability and low, low water pressure.

Pierce City's water rates are among the lowest of a city our size within a 50-mile radius. Currently, DNR is delaying our grant and bond money because they deem the rate too low to enable us to repay the cost of the bond we passed for this project (grant monies are not repaid; just bonds).

Before DNR required this of us, Mayor Stockton began this project with the vision of improving our infrastructure to enable new housing and new business growth for our city. I want to see this vision to completion.

Second, it saddens me to see Pierce City citizens going to other towns to do their shopping. Our sales tax revenues (which run the city) are very low. We are so very blessed to have local business owners who invested their monies after the 2003 tornado to help rebuild our town.

If you can't find it here, maybe you don't need it. Do business locally and you will be surprised at what you'll find.

Third, I would love to see our citizenry become more involved by attending our council meetings. You are welcome here. We want your constructive input and new ideas for growth and industry.

Kenny Smith

Pierce City mayor