Save My Spot now available at CoxHealth Urgent Care

Saturday, May 5, 2018

At CoxHealth, there’s a new way to spend less time in a waiting room. Called Save My Spot, technology now allows patients to go online before visiting an urgent care or walk-in clinic, such as CoxHealth Urgent Care in Monett, and select a time they’d like to be seen. Once approved, all the patient needs to do is arrive at the time they requested.

“Save My Spot has been added in an effort to empower patients in our community,” says Amanda Hedgpeth, vice president for Clinical Services at CoxHealth. “After speaking with patients, this type of service was something that greatly interested them. We’re very excited that we’re able to offer this new layer of convenience for accessing health care.”

The way the program works allows a patient to visit and search for “Save My Spot.” There, patients choose their preferred location, time of arrival, and basic questions as to the nature of the visit. After submitting the form, they’ll receive a notification that the visit is approved. There is no cost for this service.

While spots may be saved for many illness and ailments, the form is built in such a way that if symptoms indicate an emergency, the appointment will not be approved and the individual is told to get help immediately.

Save My Spot is not required to be seen, and walk-ins are always welcome.

To book a visit via Save My Spot, visit