Pierce City Board accepts resignations

Friday, April 6, 2018

Extra duty contracts offered

Members of the Pierce City School Board accepted resignations from nine teachers and coaches last month.

Resignations, for both personnel and extra duty contracts, include: Alexandra Gibson, third grade teacher; Kim Hankins, early childhood special education teacher; Erica Doty, fourth grade teacher; Gretta Guerin, middle school special education teacher; Travis Stokes, middle school teacher; Crystal Charles, National Honor Society advisor; Jared Frey, high school assistant boys basketball coach; Brooke Hinds, middle school assistant volleyball coach; and Zachary Hill, middle school assistant boys basketball coach.

Permanent contracts for the 2018-19 academic year were offered to Kaleigh Havens special education teacher; Amanda Jones, middle school teacher; and Kim Iman, second grade teacher.

Probationary contracts for the 2018-19 academic year were offered to Sandra Sloan, elementary special education teacher; Lori Beasley, elementary music teacher; Emily Ziler, high school language arts teacher; Alyssa Chastain, middle school special education teacher; and Mikayla Blinzler, middle school fifth and sixth grade teacher,.

Probationary teacher rehires include: Kristin Frey, high school science teacher; Elizabeth Garrett, high school business; Emily Mulcahey, high school special education counselor; Andrew Ward, high school social studies; Heather DeOrnellis, vo-ag; Zach Hill, business teacher; Jared Frey, math teacher; Jana Parrigon, communication arts; Duane Kaiser, vo ag; Cody Hindes, fifth and sixth grade; Brian Abramovitz, middle school social studies; Benjamin Curry, middle school ISS and physical education; Brooke Hindes, fifth and sixth grade; Gary Pendergraft, ISS and physical education; Jessica Thacker, intervention; Kevin Gidney, elementary fourth grade; Rebecca Helsel, third grade; Aleesha Jennings, first grade; Grace Parrigon, pre-kindergarten teacher; Erin Ekstam, second grade; and Tiffani Harter, elementary speech teacher.

Extra duty and extended contracts were offered to: Jennifer Graves, federal programs, $5,000; Jennifer Eaton, Curriculum director, four weeks extended contract, $2,000; Heather DeOrnellis, FFA, $2,500, with a three month extended contract; Duane Kaiser, FFA, $1,250 with a three-month extended contract; Travis VanHorn, assessment program, $1,000 with a four-week extended counseling contract; Courtney Garner, assessment, $1,000, with a four-week extended counseling contract; Emily Mulcahey, scholarship coordinator, $2,000 and a four-week extended counseling contract, and assessment, $1,000; Bobby Adams, music, $2,795, with a four-week extended band contract; Patricia Corbett and Brooke Shaver, librarians, both four-week extended contracts; Jackie Nelson, senior class sponsor, $700; Beth Garrett, $1,000 for yearbook sponsor, $1,000 for web site coordinator, $2,124 for high school assistant volleyball coach, $4,397 for high school softball and $1,000 for softball field maintenance; An Pham, $800 for math league; Jana Parrigon, $700 for student counsel sponsor; Andrew Ward, $1,000 for high school scholar's bowl; Denny Allen, $700 for high school foreign language club; Zack Hill, $800 for high school FBLA sponsor and $2,123 for high school assistant softball coach; Matt Street, high school athletic director, $6,065 and $5,495 for high school head boy's basketball coach; Sara Hammond, $3,033 for high school cheerleading; Rob Guerin, $5,459 for high school head girl's basketball coach and $1,516 for middle school assistant football coach; Brad Hocker, $5,459 for high school head football coach, $4,397 for high school track; Jared Frey, $3,184 for high school assistant football coach; Gary Pendergraft, $3,184 for high school assistant football coach, $2,123 for high school assistant track, $1,516 for middle school assistant track coach; Jeff Charles, $1,365 for high school golf; B.J. Curry, $4,397 for high school baseball coach and $1,000 for baseball field maintenance; Brian Abramovitz, $2,123 for high school assistant baseball coach, and $2,123 for middle school football coach; Steve Garner, $1,123 for middle school boys basketball; and Kaleigh Havens, $2,123 for middle school volleyball.

Extra duty assignment positions needing filled include: district testing coordinator, middle school Scholar's Bowl, middle school Stand for the Silent sponsor, high school National Honor Society sponsor, junior class sponsor, Drama and theatre, high school assistant girl's basketball coach, high school assistant boy's basketball coach, high school head volleyball coach, middle school assistant basketball coach, middle school track coach, middle school girl's basketball coach, middle school assistant girl's basketball coach and middle school assistant volleyball coach.

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