Lions Club hears of service available in area

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Update on Vision Rehabilitation Center of the Ozarks

Monett Lions Club members expanded their knowledge of various vision difficulties and available resources during a presentation by Wendy Jackson, executive director of Vision Rehabilitation Center of the Ozarks (VRCO).

Jackson provided information on the purpose of VRCO and the services provided through its Springfield-based office. VRCO specializes in low vision and neurological based vision impairment services to people of all ages. Low vision is a partial loss of sight, often in acuity or sharpness decreasing peripheral vision or causing difficulty with light or glare. Such conditions in many cases cannot be corrected.

Additionally, damage to the brain due to conditions such as strokes, head trauma, tumors, aneurysm correction, and lack of oxygen,as well as, degenerative disease such as Parkinson's often affects vision.

Through the Children's Vision Center, VRCO provides visually-impaired children, ages birth to age 3, and their families with initial supports aiding development.

Jackson stressed that VRCO provides hope to those in southwest Missouri experiencing vision loss by providing quality care and specialized services to all people, regardless of their ability to pay. The facility is a credentialed provider with Cox Health Systems, Mercy Health Systems, Medicare, Medicaid, and Missouri First Steps. For those without insurance, services are provided on a sliding fee scale, based on household income and number of family members.

Services are provided by appointment only. Additional information is available by calling 417-831-0555.