Monett High School band students earn state band honors

Saturday, December 9, 2017
Six members of the Monett High School Band were named last Saturday to the All-Conference Band, which is director nominated. Those that were first or second alternates for the All-District Band are automatically placed in this group. This group will perform along with the All-District Band on Saturday, Jan. 6, at Webb City High School. From left, are: Blake Pachner, third chair tuba; Autumn Portillo, fifth chair clarinet; Kyrsten Gorman, 13th chair clarinet; Rebecca Allen, seventh chair French horn; Brooke Lemaster, third chair flute; and Diego Soriano Vargas, first chair tuba. Diego was listed as a first alternate for the All-District Band so he is sitting first chair in the All-Conference Band. Murray Bishoff/

Six members of the Monett High School Band were named last Saturday to the All-Conference Band, which is director nominated.

Trumpeter Brian Agans, left, and tuba player Jesus Rodriguez received special recognition in state band try-outs last Saturday. Rodriquez was named first chair Honorable Mention on tuba for the second year in a row, placing him in the top 8 out of the state for tuba. Agans had a busy day as he auditioned for both Concert Band and Jazz Band. According to Philip Soule, MHS band director, “Brian impressed the first round of judges for both concert and jazz band and received a call back audition. This means the judges have narrowed down the best players and want to hear them again in order to figure out where to place everyone. When everything was said and done, Brian had five auditions in total. As lists were posted, Brian made the All-State Band, ninth chair trumpet and was named as the third chair Honorable Mention Trumpet in jazz. That puts Brian in the Top 12 in the state for concert band and in the top 10 in the state for jazz band. Both are big accomplishments! Brian will travel to Osage Beach and stay at Tan-Tar-A Resort in order to rehearse with the rest of the All-State Band.” The statewide music conference and clinic is Jan. 24-27, 2018. The end of the conference culminates with each All-State groups’ performance. Murray Bishoff/
Eight Monett High School Band members were named last Saturday to the All-District Band. These students qualify to audition at the state level, which is held at Columbia Hickman High School. There are about 1,200 students that compete for 100 spots in the All-State Band. This group will perform along with the All-Conference Band on Saturday, January 6th at Webb City High School. Pictured, from left, are: Jesus Rodriguez, second chair tuba; Brian Agans, second chair trumpet; Jewelia Willoughby, 14th chair clarinet; Aveline McEntire, 11th chair flute; Bailey Preston, third chair flute; Benji Lesué first chair baritone saxophone; Diego Soriano Vargas; first alternate tuba. Not pictured is Arabella McEntire, 17th chair clarinet. Murray Bishoff/