Monett Girl Scouts explore American Southwest

Saturday, November 18, 2017
Pictured are Monett Girl Scouts white water rafting on the Colorado River. Pictured, back row from left: Samantha Watson, Sherry Hull and Tiffany Hull. Right row from center: Natalie Long, Linda Dohmen and Megan Hull. Contributed photo

Scenic adventure surveys national packs, zip lining, rafting

A troop of Heartland Girl Scouts from Monett under Scout leaders Sherry Hull and Linda Dohmen traveled to Colorado this past summer for their annual summer adventure.

Visiting the dunes at Sand Dunes National Park, from left, are Heartland Girl Scouts and leaders: Samantha Watson, Natalie Long, Linda Dohmen, Tiffany Hull, Sherry Hull and Megan Hull. Contributed photo

During their travels the girls went to the fairly new Sand Dunes National Park, which opened since 2004 with 150,000 acres of dunes to travel. Their second stop was Zapata Falls, where two of the girls were able to climb up into the waterfall for some pictures.

The third adventure included the Arkansas River, where the Scouts whitewater rafted a full day down the river. For their next stop, the girls ziplined across the Royal Gorge and spent some time learning about the bridge.

Monett Heartland Girl Scouts capped their summer with a trip to the Southwest. Pictured, from left, at Royal Gorge, are: Natalie Long, Samantha Watson, Tiffany Hull and Megan Hull. Contributed photo

Their fifth adventure was to the Manitou Cliff Dwellings. These dwellings started in the McElmo Canyon near the Mesa Verde and were later moved to Manitou in 1907. Next the Scouts drove up Pike's Peak and enjoyed the scenic views of the mountains. Their final stop was camping out in the Rocky Mountain National Park and hiking along the various trails throughout the park.

The Girl Scouts have taken adventures together for 13 years and plan to travel to New York next summer. The girls on the trip were Samantha Watson, Natalie Long, Meagan and Tiffany Hull.