DECA students propose Hispanic Festival for Branson

Saturday, October 28, 2017
Scott Regional Technology students Vanessa Montelongo and Leslie Izaguirre presented their proposal about establishing an Hispanic Heritage Festival in Branson. Contributed photo

Scott Tech students to research drawing ethnic crowd

Two students in DECA, the secondary education association of marketing students at the Scott Regional Technology Center, presented their 2017 DECA Event to the Branson Chamber of Commerce and Taney County Agency for Economic Development on Oct. 21.

Vanessa Montelongo and Leslie Izaguirre presented their advertising campaign for the Branson Convention and Visitors Bureau. The objective of the plan is to encourage Branson to host the inaugural Hispanic Heritage Festival. The festival was selected to be in Branson to help the Branson Convention and Visitors Bureau to increase their visits from the Hispanic population in the area.

The goal is to have 1,500 Hispanics attend the festival the first year it takes place. The primary goal is to raise awareness of Bransonís activities and entertainment options among the Hispanic population in the Midwest.

The DECA students provided details of the plan such as the target market, research findings, and media plan recommendations, along with costs. Montelongo and Izaguirre proposed a schedule of activities for the festival, including a Taste and Learn of Hispanic cuisines, Mariachi bands playing, dances to Hispanic music, and an authentic Latino chefs cooking at the event.

Branson business leaders were intrigued by the proposal.

They agreed that offering a Hispanic Festival would be a positive way to encourage the surrounding Hispanic population to visit Branson.

Montelongo and Izaguirre will now conduct further research surrounding why Hispanics in the area do not visit Branson, and what would encourage them to visit. There will be a follow up meeting to review this research in January 2018.