Monett Lions promote Wellness Day

Saturday, October 21, 2017
Monett Lions Club member, Steve Wise, and Grace McNeely, Walmart pharmacy technician, were part of the Wellness Day team that made itself available to area residents recently. Contributed photo

Volunteers work with Walmart staff to aid public

Shoppers were given the convenient opportunity recently to take part in on-site preventative and diagnostic services as part of the Wellness Day coordinated by Walmart, with help form the Monett Lions Club.

With one quick stop, shoppers could have blood pressure checked, body mass index (BMI) calculated, blood glucose level determined, as well as, receive a flu shot and vision screening. To aid parents with small children in tow, washable, temporary tattoos, balloons, and coloring pages were available.

Monett Lions participated as part of their ongoing effort to help people receive preventive health care that provides a better quality of life. Monett Lions Club members see activities such as Wellness Day as an opportunity to make a difference in lives and to carry out the Lions' motto: "We Serve."