Monett municipal court

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Shanna D. Campbell, dog at large, $102.

Sheila R. Fleeman, fail to register vehicle, $77.

Guadalupe Garcia Lopez, no driver's license on person, $102.

Matthew R. Heatley, defective equipment, $177.

Dereck B. Morrison, defective equipment, $152.

Thomas A. Patterson, seat belt violation, $10.

Carey L. Payne, failed to stop at stop sign, $102.

Kelsey J. Pedersen, defective equipment, $152.

Lucan J. Rattles, stealing, $162; stealing, $127.

Boyd A. Smith, driving while revoked, $26.50 and 10 days in jail.

Robert S. Sorensen, disorderly conduct, $102.

Sasha L. Taylor, defective equipment, $152.

Kyle D. Todd, possessing alcohol in city park, $77; minor in possession of alcohol, $127.

Kenneth A. Walters, parking prohibited in front yard, $52.

Korey J. Brown, fail to register vehicle, $102.

Monica G. Arenas, speeding, $162.

Lawrence A. Balmas, no proof of insurance, $177.

Hannah N. Argyris, speeding, $137.

Enrique V. Aguilera, affray, $177.

Pedro Almaraz Gonzalez, fail to register vehicle, $77.

Gerald D. Baxter, no proof of insurance, $177.

Joshua E. Beahan, defective equipment, $225; no motorcycle endorsement, $26.50 and six months probation; fail to register vehicle, $222; no proof of insurance, $26.50 and six months probation.

Damian A. Cardenas, defective equipment, $102.

Megan D. Gaches, defective equipment, $177.

Pablo Grimaldo, fail to display plates on vehicle, $52.

Dustin L. Layton, possession of marijuana, $177.

Cassandra N. Mahl, affray, $177.

Justin D. Nash, fail to register vehicle, $77.

Alexander D. Neumeier, defective equipment, $152.

Matthew L. Pirtle, failed to stop at stop light, $77; fail to register vehicle, $102.

Ilima N. Staab, no valid driver's license, $152.

Dorothy M. Witt, operate vehicle in wrong direction on roadway, $102.

Kim M. Wright, speeding, $112.

Eloisa A. Hernandez, fail to register vehicle, $102.

lillian L. Higdon, speeding, $112.

Michael A. Majors, parking prohibited/front yard, $50.

Victor Amaro, defective equipment, $152; no driver's license on person, $102.

Daniel Diaz, defective equipment, $152.

Chad A. Harp, no valid driver's license, $127.

Darrell K. Himes, consumed alcohol while operating a vehicle, $519.50; two counts of endangering the welfare of a child, $26.50 and 12 months probation on each count; failed to maintain lane, $127.50.

Dalton A. Kiser, nuisance violation, $177.

Eloisa A. Hernandez, speeding, $137.

Keith E. Spurgeon, defective equipment, $152.

Ervey D. Wiley, fail to register vehicle, $102; no proof of insurance, $177.

Dylan E. Anderson Cope, defective equipment, $177.

Gary L. CLayton, defective equipment, $152.

Angela B. Davis, harboring a howling/yelping dog, $102.

Jackson M.J. Dempsey, fail to register vehicle, $150; defective equipment, $150.

Avery V. Hunt, fail to register vehicle, $77.

Christopher G. Ingle, nuisance violation, $77.

Bailey A. Miller, speeding, $112.

Dakota L. Morgan, no valid driver's license, $152; display plates belonging to another, $152; two counts fail to register vehicle, $102 each count; no proof of insurance, $177.

Norma B. Ortega, speeding, $112.

Kalee I. Perriman, speeding, $112.

Luz E. Serna, fail to register vehicle, $77.

Sidney M. Atkinson, speeding, $112.

Cameron M. Berona, defective equipment, $177.

Kenneth W. Garoutte, defective equipment, $152.

Samuel H. Neher, fail to stop at a stop sign, $102.

Lauro Paxtor, no valid driver's license, $102; speeding, $161; no proof of insurance, $26.50 and 12 months probation.