Purdy Elementary hosts ‘grand’ celebration

Saturday, September 16, 2017
“Grand” Prize winners Janie and Max Knight of Purdy celebrated Grandparents’ Day with their granddaughters Lauren and Laney Lamp at Purdy Elementary School. Lauren is pictured at left, with Grandma Janie. Laney poses with Poppy Max at right. Contributed photo

Grandparents' Day attracts public turnout to support kids

Purdy Elementary Principal Julie Dalton and her staff and students welcomed more than 200 grandparents, family members and special guests to the school’s annual “Grandparents Celebration” on Friday, Sept. 8.

Attendees and their grandchildren enjoyed playing board games, making crafts, reading books, posing for pictures and eating refreshment. Kimberly Utter, school secretary, held a “Grand” Prize drawing for several beautiful autumn mums. Winners included Troy Davis, grandfather of Andelyn and Brinlee Vineyard; Sara Fanning, grandmother of Jenna Adams; Belem Ibarra, special guest of Roberto Becerra and Max and Janie Knight, grandparents of Laney and Lauren Lamp.

Purdy first grade teacher Chelsea Mareth Bennett, at center, enlisted the help of two sets of her grandparents for her first Grandparents’ Celebration as a teacher at Purdy Elementary. Bob and Marlene Mareth, at left, and Steve and Joyce Williams, at right, played games, made crafts and enjoyed snacks with students in Bennett’s class whose grandparents were unable to attend the event. Contributed photo

“My first Grandparents’ Celebration as Purdy Elementary Principal was a priceless experience," said Dalton, in her first year as school principal. "I watched as a grandfather and his grandson stacked blocks on a table, building something far more important than a tower. Similar scenes played out at board games, craft tables and refreshment lines. In an all-too-brief span of time multiple generations joined together to create memories that all will hold dear for years to come.

"I would like to extend a special thank you to all of the grandparents and family members who attended, and to the multitude of 'special guests' who served as grandparents for students whose families were unable to join us. What a wonderful gift you gave to our children by being a part of this special day.”