Monett Lions Club review leader dog preparation

Saturday, September 9, 2017
Phyllis Krebs showed her leader dog, Bryly, to the Monett Lions Club, illustrating how the club helps the visually impaired through funding training for dogs to work as service animals. Contributed photo

Phyllis Krebs brings dog to illustration training mission

Monett Lions Club members received a close-up look at a "leader dog," trained to helped the visually impaired, at their latest meeting.

Phyllis Krebs brought Bryly, one of many dogs she and her husband, Phil, have raised and prepared to become guide dogs for waiting companions as part of their mission. Phyllis spoke about their work as caretakers for potential leader dogs as members of Springfield’s Queen City Lions Club.

Bryly is the ninth dog to share the Krebs’ home. When the dogs reach a certain level of maturity, they leave the family home for a location or training facility where they receive intensive training for the work that is ahead of them. Once trained, the dogs are teamed up with people in need. Phyllis detailed steps taken to assure all elements of both dog and human are in sync for the leader dog relationship to be compatible and successful.