Letter to the Editor

Sheila Harris: Local resident grateful for South Park wi-fi service

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Dear Editor,

As I sit here in a shaded pavilion at the Monett City Park, I want to express my gratitude to Total Highspeed Internet Solutions for the free wi-fi theyíve installed throughout South Park. Whether it was intended specifically for oldish, internet-junky, writer-types like me ó or, as has been suggested, for young Pokemon Go addicts ó I couldnít say. Either way, I benefit.

Iím also thankful for the people who so beautifully maintain our city park. I suspect that for small city parks, itís one of a kind. Its winding, shady roads are an exercise-enthusiastís delight. Itís even delightful for me, a hit-and-miss runner with occasional aspirations of glory, but not enough self-discipline to become a late-in-life record breaker. The newly-added wi-fi certainly sweetens the pot for me, though. I can come to the park, get some exercise, then camp out at a table with my laptop to cool off.

Of course, I could write from home and enjoy my own backyard, but the specter of chores waiting to be done always haunts me.

Thank you again to Total Highspeed for adding one more perk to the many that Monett has to offer.

Sheila Harris