Ladies Aid hosts annual salad supper

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Guest speaker tells of travel to Cuba

The seventh annual LWML Ladies Aid Salad Supper was held Thursday, Aug. 3, in the Fellowship Hall of Trinity Lutheran School. There were 18 members and 25 guests attending.

Karen Kleiboeker presented the worship, “This is the Day That I Have Made,” from the book “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young. It was written as Jesus would have spoken to us. Members sang “Lord, Take My Hand and Lead Me.” Betty Sawyer accompanied on piano.

Kleiboeker also gave the blessing for the dinner, which consisted of various salads provided by the members and guests. Doris Meyer provided a beautifully decorated cake featuring the LWML colors. Everyone enjoyed the many different salads. Edith Harmon provided lovely floral table decorations.

Guest speaker, Maura Sparks, spoke of her trip to Cuba in May 2017. She explained the history of Cuba through the years and how it had changed over time. The people of Cuba are highly educated, but when they graduate there are no jobs available. There are no homeless people. Everyone has enough to eat and free medical care, all provided by the government. The Cubans only showed and told the American travelers what they wanted to hear in order to make them believe that their government provided all of their needs. Maura told of staying with people in their apartment and that they needed five keys to enter it.

Doris Meyer had four members pick numbers corresponding to the guest list, with each selected guest receiving a gift of either greeting cards, a scrubby or a napkin holder.

Members attending included: Dorothy Osterloh, Doris Meyer, Edith Harmon, Aletha Smialek, Marjorie Harris, Cheryl Brown, Connie Prater, Lena Bremer, Susan Stark, Karen Kleiboeker, Betty Sawyer, Judy Krueger, Evelyn Bracht, Rebecca Morgan, Nadine Obermann, Gloria Krueger, Courtney Sletten and Darlene Lampe

Guests attending included: Maura Sparks, Thelma Barnes, Margaret Holle, Marsha McGehee, Linda Ehrhardt, Grace Doss, Karen Schmedeke, Florene Towers, Donna Frerichs, Glenda Schoen, Becky Thompson, Loretta Pennington, Lois Gaddy, Bonnie Worm, Lora Worm, Sandra Voskamp, Sue Mattlage, Imogene Knaust, Brenda Kleiboeker, Jeanell Stockton, June Fritz, Madelyn Fritz, Pastor Jake, Kim Moennig and Kathy Holle.