Letter to the Editor

Don Johnson: Pierce City schools should ‘think outside the box’

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Dear Editor:

Once again a ballot measure to raise taxes for Pierce City School District went down to defeat.

PCSD can think outside the box. Last year, they went to a four day school week which saved money. Andreas Schleicer, an international educator, points out that an abundance of money does not make for better education.

Vietnam has an excellent school system with graduates among the top in the world but has not a lot of money. They are innovative. They think outside the box.

Many colleges and universities have met their enrollment crunch by going national online — they were innovative.

I suggest listening to the segment on the Kahn Academy on TED talks and explore other education thinking outside the beaten path. Many private schools turn out outstanding graduates with little money spent per student because they are innovative in their methods. 

Perhaps there is a better way using the resources available.

Don Johnson

Pierce City