LWML reviews photos, information from convention

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Group continues to collect Best Choice UPC labels

The Dorcas Ladies Aid of Trinity Lutheran Church, Freistatt, met July 6, in the Fellowship Hall of the school with Edith Harmon, vice president, welcoming 12 members.

The worship, In God We Trust, was written and presented by Aletha Smialek. She explained the founding fathers knew if the country was to succeed as a nation, citizens would have to put their trust in God. They put reminders in many places, including on buildings, statues, money, monuments and in documents. Smialek asked members to pray at 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. each day for our country. Membvers sang, “God Bless Our Native Land,” accompanied by Betty Sawyer.

Marjorie Harris, secretary, read the minutes and correspondence. Connie Prater, treasurer read the financial report.

The theme for the Mite Box ingathering, “The Least of These,” was given by Harmon. It stressed that whenever someone does something for someone else, especially those who have less, they are serving the least of God’s people as he would have us do.

The program, which included photos and information she had received from her sister, LaNette Sagehorn, who had attended the June LWML National Convention in Albuquerque, N.M., as a delegate from the Atlantic area, was presented by Harmon. Sagehorn had graciously sent several mementoes from the convention for members to enjoy viewing, along with souvenir pens for the ladies. This was the 75th anniversary celebration of the LWML. Doris Meyer watched the convention on the internet and made notes as well.

Karen Kleiboeker, mission committee chairman, reported that a box of material had been donated by Sue Doss, of Aurora, for making quilts. One quilt was given to an employee of Cox Monett Hospital who lost her home in a fire and another to a man who lost his home and car in the April flood in Neosho.

Kleiboeker invited Maura Sparks to be the guest speaker at the August Salad Supper. She will present a program on her visit to Cuba. Members are encouraged to invite a family member or a friend and bring a salad. Harmon will put a personal note in the Parish Caller boxes inviting members to attend the salad supper.

Dorothy Osterloh reported a balance of $171.80 in the birthday fund for July. Those having birthdays in July included Janice Meyer and Gloria Krueger, and members honored them with the birthday song.

Harmon reported that Pastor Jake Sletten had performed two baptisms since our last meeting. Each family received the book, “The Baptism of Your Child,” from the Ladies Aid.

Kleiboeker was the designated visitor for June. Evelyn Bracht and Darlene Lampe shared visiting of shut-ins with her. Kleiboeker visited Ethel Helmkamp in the special care unit of an area hospital.

As there are no designated visitors for July, cards were signed for the shut-ins.

The funeral committee report was given by Kleiboeker. Esther Louise Holle passed away May 29, and the funeral service was held at Trinity Lutheran Church June 3. Lunch was served to 70 people following the graveside service. Serving the lunch were Karen Kleiboeker, chairman, Carolyn Kleiboeker, Rene Moennig, Aletha Smialek and Edith Harmon. Lena Bremer helped wash dishes.

Betty Sawyer said she is working on collecting the second set of 1,000 Best Choice UPC codes and reminded members to ask others to save them for the LWML.

Susan Stark planned a work day to assemble the new bookmarks for the hymnals in July. An optional second work day on was also discussed. Harmon thanked the hostesses, Prater and Sawyer.

Members closed the meeting with the Lord’s Prayer.

Attending were Evelyn Bracht, Lena Bremer, Cheryl Brown, Edith Harmon, Marge Harris, Karen Kleiboeker, Nadine Obermann, Dorothy Osterloh, Connie Prater, Betty Sawyer, Aletha Smialek and Susan Stark.