McCully-Mobley studies civil rights, Truman legacy

Saturday, August 5, 2017
Aurora High School teacher and former Monett Times editor Kim McCully-Mobley, at right, teamed up on lesson planning and brainstorming with educator Deann Coster Fester from Hardin, Illinois. A statute of Harry Truman, a native of nearby Lamar, Missouri, stands at center. Contributed photo

Local teacher to bring social awareness into classroom

Aurora High School educator Kim McCully-Mobley undertook two back-to-back sessions of professional development in July.

McCully-Mobley, a Monett Times editor 30 years ago, first attended a Civil Rights Educator's Institute through the National Park Service in Little Rock, Ark. A total of 22 educators from throughout the United States participated in the Civil Rights Educator's Institute. Then she spent a week-long stint at the Truman Library in Independence, where 50 educators participated in "Behind the Scenes with the President" at the Truman Institute.

Topics addressed at both conferences included: leadership, bullying, public speaking, research, decision-making, boundaries, relationships, documentation, service, civil rights, human rights, primary sources, storytelling, reporting, lesson plans, action plans and additional professional development opportunities.

McCully-Mobley now serves as a full-time educator at Aurora High School and also teaches for Drury University, Crowder College and Missouri State University Outreach. She is a freelance writer and a public speaker. She makes presentations on leadership and service, legends/lore/outlaws, home remedies, the civil war in the ozarks, the decisions of Harry Truman and the history of Aurora.