Monett underclassmen receive honors

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Year-end recognitions announced as classes close

Monett High School underclassmen received honors for academic achievement at the close of the school year.

Communication arts

April Smith named her top students in English I: Kaesha George, Jonathan Hughes, Abigail Patton, Amy Tsai and Black Wright.

Chelsea Wright named her top English 1 students: Ashlie Gaches, Janeth Quinones, Jacob Balmas, Xavier Carlill, Ashley Kurima, Aveline McEntire, Amberlyn Schmidly, Stacy Hurtado, Monica Reveles, Joey Semerad, Rebecca Clark, Susy Salas, Logan Umfleet, Sara Drewianka, Kassie McAllister, Arijan Miftari, China Saturley, Julissa Cruz and Christopher Simmons.

Top advanced placement English language and composition students in Bev Woods class are: Sam Masri, Jedd Anderson, Brooke Lemaster, and Kacie Lawrence-Cantwell.

Top English 3 students were Josie Allcock, Isamar Ibarra, Katie Kurima and Natalie Wages.

Alonso Rueda was the Ozark Electric Writing Contest winner.

Social Studies

Top world history students in Bob Crain's class were Mariana Serrano, Madison Lee, Josh Dixon, Alyssa Williams, Isamar Ibarra, Madelyn Mulburn, Connor Henry, Jeffrey Kuhnert, Erin McCaffrey, Marcus Isabell, Anna Pham, Elise Ridienour, Carly Jenkins, Madison Coones, Keli McCallister, Ashley Batson and Garrett Gunter.

Ashley Batson and Madelyn Milburn were Crain's top two world history students overall.

In Cathey Eck's survey of world history, the top four students were: Trent Staudt, Francisco Dancer, Neomi Villasenor and Chris Kelbel.

In Gary Cook's government class, earning an A is both semesters were: Keith Butler, Rosa Fulton, Katelin Kurima, Kacie Lawrence-Cantwell, Alejandra Rivera, Jazmine Seay and Mike Tsai.

In Cook's advanced placement government class, the Governor's Award winner was Joel Barrientos. The President's Pro Tempore Award went to Lane Witt. Speakers of the House Award went to Sam Masri. The Vice President's Award went to Lora Wright. The President's Award was won by Arabella McEntire. The American Spirit Award went to Star Rueda and Garrett Tharp.

Participating in the Academic Team this year were: Brooke Lemaster, Aveline McEntire, Arabella McEntire, Lora Wright and Benji Lesue.


In physical science, taught by Cara Clark and Alyssa Kennedy, the top 10 students were: Gunnar Bradley, Cye Bouchard, Rebecca Clark, Kaesha George, Ashley Kurima, Parker Schoen, Christopher Simmons, Logan Umfleet, Alexandra Valenciano and Marcelo (Junior) Villa.

Top biology students were: Jonathan Hughes, Anna Pham, Joshua Bahl, Joshua Dixon, Payton Houts, Aveline McEntire, Bradden Smith, Kayleyanna Dohmen, Garrett Gunter, Madison Lee and Kelli McCallister.

John Schupbach was the top Science Fair participant.

On Jayme Tackett's chemistry 1 class, top students were: Elise Ridenour, Madeline Milburn, Madison Lee, Josh Dixon, Kelli McAlister, Anna Pham, Lane Witt, Erin McCaffrey, Alyssa Williams and Ashley Batson.

Tackett's top chemistry 2 students were: Dalton Burton, Rosa Fulton, Haley Williams, Bailey Preston and Jedd Anderson.

Science Olympiad participants were: Arabella McEntire, Benji Lesue, Brooke Lemaster, Aveline McEntire, Alonso Rueda, Jonathan Hughes, Garrett Gunter and Josh Dixon.


In math classes taught by Ashton Botts and Lacey Willis, top end of course exam scores were earned by Melanie Morales, Nya Saturley, Susy Salas, Moo Shee, Hector Arreola, Trison Foley, Jacob King and Briza Mijares-Rogel.

In Lacey Willis's algebra 1 and geometry classes, students earning 100 percent all year were Logan Umfleet, Ashley Gaches, Briza Mijares-Rogel and Alexandra Valenciano.

Named "Naturally Good At Math" were Carmen Fillinger and Nathan Arnall.

Earning high test scores were Ashley Kurima and Nya Saturley.

Dubbed "hard workers" were Gunnar Bradley and Connor Henry.

The honor of "Good Behavior and Plenty of A's" went to Carly Jenkins and Trina Cardenas.

The "Going the Extra Mile" honor went to Grace Negre and Janeth Quinones.

Bailey Flynt was named "teacher's lifesaver."

In algebra 2, outstanding students in Matt Anderson's class were: Madison Lee, Sam Masri and Anna Pham.

In the advanced mat and pre-calculus classes taught by Anderson, outstanding achievement honors went to Joel Barrientos, Brooke Lemaster, Bailey Preston and Mike Tsai.

Top students in Dan Janssen's class were: Elise Ridenour, Johnathan Hughes, Kacie Lawrence, Yakeline Avila, Alejandra Rivera, Madelyn Milburn and Mariana Serrano.


In Lee Ann Morris's business classes, Naman Desai was the top accounting 1 student. Derek Keeton was the top accounting 2 student. Amy Tsai was the top student in both digital communications and introduction to business. Brittain Cooper was the top personal finance student.

In Marlena Driscoll's classes, Karsyn Ballay was the top business law 2 student. Sydney Williams was the top digital photography student. Lane Witt was the outstanding personal finance student. Mallory Saloga was the outstanding desktop publishing student.

In Future Business Leaders of America, the top students were Lane Witt in personal finance, Lora Wright and John Rausch in banking and finance, and Payton Houts in insurance and risk management.

Fine Arts

Students of Lynn Morin won the following Big 8 art awards:

• Ashley Batson, Big 8 gold medal and first place in portrait acrylic painting and participant in Youth Art Month in Jefferson City.

• Alondra Montelongo: Big 8 second place in collage low relief.

• Randi Prock: Big 8 second place in live art still life in charcoal, Youth Art Month in Jefferson City.

• Donte Woods: Big 8 third place in color portrait acrylic.

• Wendy Cabrera: Big 8 fourth place in watercolor representational.

• Jazmine Seay… Big 8 fourth place and honorable mention in monoprint.

• Taya Ellis: Big 8 fifth place in wheel formed ceramic.

• Logan Mills: Big 8 fifth place in additive metal sculpture.

• Sara Drewianka: Big 8 sixth place in watercolor representational.

• Austin Misener: Big 8 sixth place in monoprint.

• Brianna Murphy: Big 8 sixith place in acrylic representational painting and mural design; painting on mural at Broadway and East Second St.

• Susana Contreras: Big 8 sixth place in collage low relief, Big 8 honorable mention in relief printmaking.

• Magali Sandoval: Big 8 honorable mention in hand formed clay.

• Yasmin Seranno: Big 8 honorable mention in live art still life in charcoal.

• Kellar McCully: Youth Art Month in Jefferson City.

• Aspen Oakley: Youth Art Month in Jefferson City.

• Anna Pham: Youth Art Month in Jefferson City.

Practical Arts

In Susan Childress's family and consumer science class, top introductory students were Carmen Fillinger, Noemi Villasenor and Janeth Quinones.

Nya Saturley was the top family living and leadership student.

Amy Tsai was the fashion class top student.

In the food class, top students were: Grace Negre, Jason Puente and Cecilia Hoffman.

Future Teachers of America Leadership Awards went to Jacob Bouchard and Jedd Anderson.

In Family, Community and Career Leaders of America. Leadership Awards went to: Kacie Lawrence, Skyler Berry and Tiffany Hurst. State qualifiers were Kacie Lawrence, Tiffany Hurst, Nya Saturley, Garrett Schmidt, Jedd Anderson and Garrett Moore. Jason Puente was a state and national qualifier. Kacie Lawrence won the National Red Blazer Award.

Perfect attendance awards went to Spencer Bryand, Danny Calzada, Jesus Calzada, Andrew Hampton, Edwin Salas, Christopher Simmons, Amy Tsai and Noemi Villasenor.

Completing requirements for an A+ scholarship by finishing 50 hours of tutoring time completed this year were: Naiam Perez, Alejandra Rivera, Natalie Wages, Taylia Cavazos, Amanda Hensley and Jesus Rodriguez Salas.

Academic letters

The following students completed requirements for a first year academic letter: Angelica Aldaba Salas, Josie Allcock, Nathan Arnall, Gavin Bailey, Jacob Balmas, Cye Bouchard, Riley Braden, Gunnar Bradley, Riley Brown, Spencer Bryand, Lindsey Butler, Wendy Cabrera, Alice Camp, Xavier Carlill, Rebecca Clark, Susana Contreras, Teigan Cook, Julissa Cruz, Jessica Dalton, Shotsie Denton, KayleyAnna Dohmen, Sara Drewianka, Carmen Fillinger, Ashlie Gaches, Carlos Garcia Vazquez, Kaesha George, Adamaris Gonzelez Ochos, Krysten Gorman, Destiny Graessle, Jaime Guinn Jr., Andrew Hampton, Grace Harris, Payton Houts, Jonathan Hughes, Joseph Hurst, Stacey Hurtado, Johnathan Ingle, Leslie Izaguirre, Teagan Johnson, Ashley Kurima, Clara Lindsay, Kassie McCallister, Cole McCollough, Aveline McEntire, Wesley Merriman, Arljan Miftari, Garrett Moore, Dulce Morales Xiquin, Melany Morales Xiquin, Lourdes Morales, Rorri Nolan, Bailey Nuttle, David Ortega, Blake Pachner, Abigail Patton, Emily Payne, Naiam Perez, Autumn Portillo, Janeth Quinones, Christian Regalado, Monica Reveles, Loger Rodriguez, Luis Salas, Susy Salas, Angelina Sanchez, China Saturley, Nya Saturley, Amberlyn Schmidly, Parker Schoen, Joseph Semerad, Moo Shee, Christopher Simmons, Rachel Slocum, Alex Sparkman, Amy Tsai, Logan Umfleet, Cristal Vela, Marcelo Villa, Regan Washburn, Blake Wright and Angeleena Zelinskifeeney.

The following students earned second year academic letters: Ashley Batson, Madissen Brannon, Ronni Braun, Keith Butler, Taylia Cavazos, Maddison Coones, Brittain Cooper, Joshua Dixon, Trista Gaches, Gabrielle Gollhofer, Megan Grove, Garrett Gunter, Connor Henry, Arrianda Hensley, Savannah Hernandez, Melissa Hurtado, Marcus Isbell, Carly Jenkins, Cheyenne Jobe, Jeffrey Kuhnert, Madison Lee, Benjamin Lesue, Sasha Mace, Stacey Marquez, Erin McCaffrey, Kelli McCallister, Levi McRoberts, Madelyn Milburn, Grace Negre, Aspen Oakley, Coen Osborn, Anna Pham, Randi Prock, Marithza Reyes, Elise Ridenour, Alejandra Rivera, Zoe Rosenbalm, Alonso Rueda, Magali Sandoval, Kelli Sangston, Katlin Schmidt, Jazmine Seay, Mariana Serrano, Corey Spain, Jackson Spencer, Ethan Taylor, Carter Tinklepaugh, Wayne Verhoff, Angelica Villa Ruiz, Alyssa Williams, Jordan Withnell and Camryn Wolf.

Third year academic letters were earned by the following: Jedd Anderson, Joel Barrientos, Jack Barta, Zachary Blevins, Dalton Burton, Jose Cecenas, Rosa Fulton, Tiffany Hull, Cameron Johnson, Trey Johnson, Derek Keeton, Brennon Krueger, Katelin Kurima, Kacie Lawrence-Cantwell, Brooke Lemaster, Caleb Long, Billy Long, Sam Masri, Asabella McEntire, Harriett Meyer, Misael Moreno, Bailey Preston, John Schupbach Mike Tsai, Raven Williams, Lane Witt, Lora Wight, Eric Young and Megan Young.

Students of the Month

The following freshmen were recognized during the year as Students of the Month: Wesley Merriman, Gunnar Bradley, Chet Butterworth, Parker Schoen, Cye Bouchard, Karter Brink, Junior Villa, McKay Hill, Carmen Fillinger, Amy Tsai, Janeth Quinones, Stacy Hurtado, Aveline McEntire, Kelsey Dalton, Kaesha George and Nya Saturley.

Sophomores named Students of the Month were: Carter Tinklepaugh, Corey Spain, Josh Dixon, Gavin Carr, Brittain Cooper, Garrett Gunter, Trevor Kingrey, Connor Henry, Noemi Villasenor, Alyssa Williams, Anna Pham, Gabi Gollhofer, Desirae Lovelis, Katie Schmidt, Ronni Braun and Elise Ridenour.

Juniors named to the honor are: Benji Lesue, John Schupbach, Billy Long, Jedd Anderson, Alonso

Rueda, Coy Butterworth, Joel Barrientos, Sam Masri, Kaylee George, Brooke Lemaster, Brianna Murphy, Kacie Lawrence, Bailey Preston, Gabby Barnes, Katie Kurima and Raven Williams.

Seniors recognized included: Cale Harper, John Rausch, Alex Turner, Naman Desai, Joel Ridenour, Mason Swearingen, Jacob Lopez, Kurran Bartkoski, Karsyn Ballay, Natia Compton, Emily Krueger, Alexis Brannon, Sydney Sebastian, Haley Williams, Katie Long and Chelsea Henderson.