SRC Automotive donates $25,000 to services

Saturday, May 27, 2017
Travis Weathermon, human resources manager for SRC Automotive in Monett, explained the company's mission of building lives and providing peace of mind for its customers with quality products rescued from discard. Murray Bishoff/

Seven organizations share support for outreach efforts

For the third year, SRC Automotive in Monett has donated $25,000 to several Monett area service organizations as part of its community outreach.

Travis Weathermon, human resources manager for SRC, explained the company has 65 employees in Monett, with the rest of the 275 workers in Springfield. The firm takes engines that have either failed or need rehabilitation, disassembles and rebuilds them, installing fresh parts where needed, thus recapturing products that would likely end up in landfills. The company's major customers are General Motors and Mercury Marine.

The Monett Community Kitchen received $5,500 from SRC Automotive to aid in providing food to needy families in the Monett area. Melissa Priest, kitchen coordinator, holding Marley Priest, accepted the check from Travis Weathermon, left, and Josh Watson, right. Murray Bishoff/

"We build more than engines," Weathermon said. "We build lives."

Members of the community relations committee introduced the recipients.

The Monett Community Kitchen received $5,500 to sustain its operations. Melissa Priest, kitchen coordinator, said with the help of the Ozarks Food Harvest, the community kitchen has added grocery day on Mondays to meals served on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. The grocery service now provides assistance to nearly 700 families, who can come twice a month to receive supplies.

Ozarks Food Harvest received $5,000 to continue its food backpack program with the Monett schools. The donation from SRC Automotive was presented by Travis Weathermon, left, and Juan Alberto, at right, to Abby Hughes and Jennifer Sickinger. Murray Bishoff/

Ozarks Food Harvest received $5,000 to assist with the backpack food program in the Monett schools. Jennifer Sickinger, senior coordinator of development and communications for Ozarks Food Harvest, said the backpack program distributed nearly 60,000 bags during the year, providing six weekend meals and snacks for 60 children at Monett Elementary and 24 at Central park Elementary. The food ensures the children will be able to learn, rather than be distracted or distressed by hunger.

The Arc of the Ozarks received $4,250 to continue its work with disabled area residents.

Lacoba Homes in Monett received $4,250 to help with its Music in Memory music therapy program to assist Alzheimer patients. Mike Baldus, Lacoba administrator, explained how music appears to stimulate the emotional part of the brain untouched by the disease, allowing a person to emerge from a shell and, at least for a few minutes, share a memory and interact with those around them.

Lacoba Homes received $4,250 from SRC Automotive to help the music therapy program for Alzheimer's disease patients. Travis Weathermon, left, and James Henson, right, from SRC, presented the check to, from left, Cindy Hatton, Tammy bickford and Mike Baldus from Lacoba. Murray Bishoff/

The Spanish Club at Purdy High School received $3,000 to help continue its recycling program for the Purdy community. Deborah Lay, faculty sponsor for the club,

Haven of the Ozarks, a no-kill animal shelter, received $2,000. Haven assists in spay and neutering animals as well as finding homes for them.

River of Life Pentecostal Church, located south of the SRC plant, received $1,000. The church has helped the company with its parking lot.

The Purdy High School Spanish Club received $3,000 from SRC Automotive to help its recycling program. Pictured are Travis Weathermon from SRC, Spanish Club officers Morgan Boley and Steven Murray, faculty sponsor Deborah Lay, and Hugo Garcia for SRC. Murray Bishoff/

"We focus on people's spiritual needs," said Rob Holocker, pastor of the church. "The needy need more than a handout. We know that if we can lead someone to Jesus, that will change their life. They'll work harder and strive harder with their families."

Haven of the Ozarks received $2,000 from SRC Automotive, presented by Travis Weathermon, left, and Josh Watson, at right, presented to Jacki Winebrenner, office manager. Murray Bishoff/
River of Life Pentacostal Church received $1,000 from SRC Automotive. Jamie and Rob Holocker, at center, received the donation from Travis Weathermon, at left, and Juan Alberto, at right, from SRC. Murray Bishoff/