Hundreds of students to service community

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

High school volunteers to help at 22 locations, plus schools

Between 400-500 students from Monett High School will roll up their sleeves and pitch in for the seventh annual Community Service Day on Thursday.

“Students and staff members will head to 22 locations this year,” said Amy Sampson, activity organizer for all of the Community Service Days. “I find it to be a privilege to give back time to our community. Our students and staff have given back around 12,600 hours — including this year — to our schools, churches, business, and other places of location, which is amazing.”

Sampson said volunteers will help with cleaning, recycling, and organizing at most of the Monett schools, reading and showing science experiments to Central Park students, cleaning at the VFW, cleaning up around the local pool, cleaning at the YMCA Camp and helping clean up several churches.

“We are also helping with clean up of Kelly Creek and graffiti around Monett, and planting at our new community garden,” she said. “Letter writing to over 100 troops will be a part of our day, as well.”

Sampson said the increasing number of students willing to participate in the effort has been encouraging and hoped many who have no previously participated would join the effort this year. Community Service Day will take about four hours. Students will spend additional time cleaning out their lockers.

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