Burnside students play for Joplin piano teachers

Saturday, April 29, 2017
Seven piano students of Ruth Burnside played in a music festival in Joplin. Pictured, from left, are: Connie Lee, Tatum Burt, Donovan Thomas, Heidi Sehrbrock, Myka Masters and Avery Thomas, seated. Contributed photo

Seven perform in Marie Gingerich Festival

Seven piano students of Monett teacher Ruth Burnside participated in the Joplin Piano Teachers’ Association’s Marie Gingerich Music Festival on April 8 at Forest Park Baptist Church in Joplin.

Performances included: Connie Lee on “Colors of the Wind,” Tatum Burt on “Frog on a Log,” Heidi Sehrbrock on “School Bus Boogie,” Myka Masters on “Hills of Purple Heather,” Avery Thomas on “Back to School Boogie,” Donovan thomas on “Curios Kittens” and Karsen Rhea on “Stately Procession.”