Do you know where to go?

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Do you know where to go when the tornado sirens go off? If you don't have basement, you need to go to your local FEMA shelters.The first one is the Monett Elementary School gym; 601 Learning Ln, Monett, MO. Monett Intermediate/Middle School cafeteria; 711 9th street, Monett,MO. The last one is the Monett High School Performing Arts Center;1 David Sippy Dr, Monett, MO .  In the map above there are all the FEMA shelters, so you can find your house and the shelter closest to you.

Are you wondering why the FEMA shelters are safer than your house?

Well this is why, FEMA shelters can withstand an F-5 tornado because they have rebar in the concrete bricks which makes the shelters way stronger than your house. The FEMA shelters have a lot of communication equipment, the most important one is the NOAA, which is our local weather receiver. Also there are 10 flashlights (with backup batteries) and there are also fire extinguishers.

After the tornado, a nonprofit organization called Convoy of Hope will provide relief at the Monett High School parking lot. During relief, they will offer: beverages, meals ready to eat, clean up supplies,and hygiene supplies. Convoy of Hope will set up ASAP after the tornado. Anyone who wants to volunteer may do so there. If you have any questions for tornado disasters you can contact Bonnie Witt Schulte which is the Emergency Management Director, her number is (417)-235-4241, her email is

In conclusion, when the tornado sirens go off you need to go to your local FEMA shelters. (You may see more information on brochures around Monett, on Facebook Awareness/, or on Instagram @tornadosafety).