Letter to the Editor

Deborah Schoen: Ambulance boardís negligence shows disrespect to taxpayers

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Dear Editor,

Remember a while back when we, the taxpayers, voted new members to the BLCAD board based on the fact the previous board irresponsibly voted to pay their office manager an outrageous $135,000 she claimed to be owed? The new board chose to take her to court and try to recoup our tax money. Bravo! Prosecutor Amy Boxx even deemed the case a criminal case due to it being public money. Even better!

If you happened to miss the results of that case, the statute of limitations ran out because the people involved forgot to do their jobs. The board pointed the finger at their attorney David Cole. David Cole pointed the finger at Prosecutor Amy Boxx.

According to the BLCAD Board, they had requested their attorney to attend meetings for an update on the case. David Cole never showed up, but he still collected his pay.

However, how irresponsible is it for an entire board to let the case be forgotten? How irresponsible was it to pay an attorney who would not show up at a meeting when requested? How irresponsible is it to continue to retain that kind of attorney?

Many times, criminals walk away scot-free because the laws lean in their favor or a loophole is found. Strange how that happens! But what happened here is pure unforgivable disrespect for the taxpayers and voters who elected these people into office. Folks, letís all remember that when each and every one of them comes up for re-election!


Deborah Schoen


Former BLCAD Board Member