Second graders study nutrition

Saturday, April 15, 2017
Misty Calhoun’s second grade class, working on a section about nutrition, toured the Monett Price They are pictured with Calhoun at right. Cutter store. Contributed photo

Tour of grocery store offers insights, scavenger hunt

Students in Misty Calhoun's second grade class at Monett Elementary participated in a five-week nutrition lesson which she titled "Nutrition and You."

The 18 students in the class learned how the digestive system works to fuel the other systems in the body. Their driving question has been "Why do kids need healthy foods?" They have been investigating through various formats, with their last goal being to help others learn to make healthy choices.

Misty Calhoun’s class at the close of their tour and scavenger hunt at the Monett Price Cutter. Pictured at rear, from left, are: store manager Roger Umfleet, Price Cutter dietician Brittany Carpenter, Monett schools wellness program outreach coordinator Patty Bounous, Misty Calhoun, and Alex Severs, Monett schools wellness coordinator. Contributed photo

The students researched the cost and nutritional content of foods before they selected their three recipes, which they presented to a group of preschool students, including a taste test.

On March 30, the class toured the Monett Price Cutter store. Manager Roger Umfleet provided a health snack/taste test for all the students at the end of the tour. Brittany Carpenter, Price Cutter's dietician, walked the students through the store, showing them where to find different categories of food as well as discussing nutrition throughout the tour. The tour ended with a scavenger hunt for the students, which the shopped for the food they would need for their presentation.