PEP program introduced at Verona Elementary

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Effort rewards students for outstanding effort, behavior

Verona Elementary School introduced a new program, Participation, Effort and Preparation (PEP), which has shown increasing activity since it began in Jan. 30.

According to program coordinator Julie Rysted, PEP is a school-wide program designed to recognize students from kindergarten through sixth grade who demonstrate effort, are prepared to learn, and are active participants in their classroom lessons. The program offers incentives to students who demonstrate self-motivation, listening skills, preparedness, timeliness in completing classwork, as well as best effort and behavior.

Students receive a weekly report from classroom teachers showing their score on criteria relating to participation, effort and preparation. Reports go home to parents. After three weeks, students who receive 90 percent of the points possible for that period qualify for a reward. At the conclusion of the quarter, students become eligible to attend a special event.

Third quarter PEP students enjoyed a movie, game and pizza party on March 17. A parent-student night is planned at the end of the fourth quarter for those who qualify.

"The Verona Elementary faculty is very excited about this new program," Rysted said. "We believe students who try their vest should be honored, and the PEP program lets those student,, and their parents, know how much we appreciate their diligence, persistence and effort very day."