Monett Chamber names leadership for coming year

Friday, March 31, 2017

Lenny Davis, Brad Hill named to top spots under president

The Monett Chamber of Commerce has named its leaders for the coming year, identifying key people to assume duties on upcoming programs and projects.

At the annual meeting of the incoming and outgoing Chamber boards, Keith McCracken, outgoing president, led discussion as Brad Anderson, incoming president, prepared to take over on April 1.

Lenny Davis with ProMark Printing, who served as secretary/treasurer during the past year, stepped up the position of president-elect. He will remain in a key spot overseeing funds as chairman of the finance committee. Brad Hill, with State Farm Insurance, was named secretary/treasurer for the coming year.

Chamber Executive Director Jeff Meredith explained the secretary/treasurer would take on new duties in the coming year. Previously the position served as a training position for an incoming president, primarily signing checks and becoming familiar with the Chamber’s finances. Now the post will involve coming into the officer for several hours each month to review the Chamber’s financial transactions, adding an additional layer of checks and balances over the handling of funds.

“My goal is to make it so we cannot steal,” Meredith said. “I want no gaps. We’re being better stewards of our membership investments by ensuring we have more strict controls in place.”

In the education arena, David Williams will head the Teacher’s Appreciation committee that manages the breakfast for new teachers. Carrie Sydloski will head up Leadership Monett with help from Amanda Lee and Thad Hood. Scott Thrasher will help with the Chamber Foundation’s Agriculture Business Academy, assisted by Michelle Eck and Todd Schubert, two former board members who continue to assist on ag programs.

In business services, Keith McCracken will lead the industry council, with assistance from Brad Anderson and Jim Randall. Amanda Lee will head the government affairs committee. Lenny Davis will head the membership committee and networking, with help from Darren Indovina and Jacob Brower. Davis and Meredith will also work on the economic development partnership. Lee, Saunders and Brower will collaborate on the Young Professionals Network.

In civic activities, Scott Thrasher will work with Paul Lanning on the prayer breakfast. Davis will head up the Festival of Lights. Brower and Lee will work on the Christmas parade. Anderson, Hill and Brower will lead the Chamber’s efforts for the Fourth of July fireworks fundraising. Davis will also work on the city-wide garage sale. Randall and David Williams will head up the Artists’ Guild.

In other public events, Brower will head up the Festival of Flavors arrangements, and Thad Hood will lead with the tear down. Thrasher and Eck will work on the annual agriculture conferences. Glenna Kraft, Davis and former event chairman Scott Smith will manage the Industrial Appreciation Golf Tournament. Hill will head up the business showcase. The new Casino Night will be headed up by Darren Indovina, Hill, Davis and Randall.

Cheri Davison will lead the personnel committee.

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