Trinity Lutheran students entertain at Ladies Aid

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Program included slide show of quilt donated to annual carnival

The Dorcas Ladies Aid of Trinity Lutheran Church, Freistatt, held its March meeting in the Fellowship Hall of the school. Doris Meyer, president, called the meeting to order welcoming 15 members and six guests.

The Worship was given by Karen Kleiboeker based on Romans 5:8. Members sang, “Jesus Sinners Doth Receive.”

Amanda Moennig, principal of Trinity Lutheran School, organized the program. Each class performed something special that they had learned this year.

Pre-kindergarten and preschool children sang “The B-I-B-L-E” and “J-E-S-U-S.” Kindergarten students sang the ABC song backwards. First and second grade students signed Matthew 6:8, and third graders performed a square dance. Fourth graders sang the books of the Old Testament, while fifth and sixth grade students showed the quilt that they were making for the TEA carnival. A slide show of the progress of making the quilt was shown.

Marjorie Harris presented the history and explanation of the Mite Box and the poem, “A Mite Box Speaks,” written by Joan Farmer. Members sang verses 1-3 of “Hark, the Voice of Jesus Crying.”

Kleiboeker gave the mission report, noting a medium and a child size quilt had been given to the School Carnival auction.

OnLena Bremer and Kleiboeker packed nine large plastic bags with quilts and t-shirts on Feb. 13, which Walt and Cheryl Brown delivered to Mt. Olive Lutheran Church in St. Louis.

The Baby Shower Ingathering of items and cash will be turned over to Springfield Lutheran Family and Children Services. The Thrivent Team Action Card, secured by Bremer, will be used to purchase consumable baby items.

Members hosted a productive workday on Feb. 27, with 13 quilts assembled and tacked. Attending were Edith Harmon, Florene Towers, Cheryl Brown, Lois Gaddy, Darlene Lampe, Evelyn Bracht, Dorothy Osterloh, Marge Harris, Karen Kleiboeker, Lena Bremer, Nadine Obermann, Judy Krueger, Barbara Steinberg, Thelma Barnes, and Bonnie Worm. Mike Harmon set up the tables for members to use.

The next workday is slated for Monday, March 27.

Brown received photos taken on the LWML workday from Harris to be added to the scrapbook.

Meyer took stamps to the board meeting on Saturday, March 4.

Osterloh reported a balance of $219.65 in the Birthday Fund.

Members sang the birthday song in honor of Lena Bremer, Linda Jelinek, Edith Harmon and Grace Doss.

Betty Sawyer asked that we continue to save UPC codes from the Best Choice labels.

Bremer visited many of the shut-ins and nursing homes, including Elda Nelson in Springfield. Many thanked her for the cards that we send.

Susan Stark said that she was able to get the mesh and ribbons needed for the bookmarks that will be used in the spines of the hymnals. She shared the idea with Judy Golden.

Courtney Sletten was one of the seven young women from Trinity attending the “Cooking like Grandma” class at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Carthage. She said that it was a wonderful experience and was happy that she had gone. She also won a basket of groceries.

Meyer thanked the hostesses Kleiboeker and Krueger.

The meeting closed with members singing verse four of “Hark, the Voice of Jesus Crying.”

Members attending incldued Evelyn Bracht, Lena Bremer, Cheryl Brown, Edith Harmon, Marjorie Harris, Karen Kleiboeker, Gloria Krueger, Judy Krueger, Doris Meyer, Rebecca Morgan, Nadine Obermann, Dorothy Osterloh. Betty Sawyer, Courtney Sletten, Aletha Smialek and Susan Stark.

Guests included Karen Schmedeke, Thelma Barnes, Barbara Steinberg, Loin Gaddy, Loretta Pennington and Glenda Schoen.