MHS art students have rich experience in Jefferson City

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Eight students, parents and teachers receive tour, view sites

Monett High School art students have had a fulfilling experience at Youth Art Month in Jefferson City.

"All of our art students, K-12 represented Monett well," said Lynn Morin, head art teacher, who led the students on activities Thursday. "It was an amazing day. We met Representative Scott Fitzpatrick in his office. He attended Cassville High School when Dr. [Monett School Superintendent Brad] Hanson was the principal. He shared a bill he supported that was going on the floor and we then were allowed to set in the upper gallery and watch our democracy take place. Very humbling.

"Representative Fitzpatrick office took us on the inside dome tour to the very top of the Capitol Building for a breathtaking view of the Missouri River and surrounding landmarks. We adjourned to the basement where committees meet and were provided a pizza lunch. I won't name anyone specifically but there were two high school boys that each ate a whole pizza, not joking."

Morin gave high marks to the student art work from all 11 school art districts in the state of Missouri on display for the occasion on the third floor of the capitol.

"The murals, sculpture and classical architecture of our Capitol are an art tour in itself," Morin added. "We were a very large group and well represented by our art students' parents."

Eight students from MHS qualified to have their art shown as part of Youth Art Month. They were Juan Salas, Dario Rodriguez, Aspen Oakley, Lauren Rector, Anna Pham, Kellar McCully, Jacqueline Rodriguez and Randi Prock. Middle school art students also on the trip were Emily Swanson, Lupe Medrano, Melanie Hernadez and John Cabrera.