Letter to the Editor

Jeff Meredith: Monett Chamber director: Vote ‘yes’ on pool tax

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Dear Editor:

There is a group of individuals looking to help move Monett onward and upward. They are calling themselves the Monett Splash Committee, and are seeking support from other progressive individuals to help get a ¼ cent sale tax approved on April 4.

In February, the Chamber Board of Directors voted to support this proposal, and they did so for several reasons:

1. The current pool leaks a large volume of water, which leads to cold water temperatures as it has to be refilled, so the sun has no opportunity to warm the water.

2. The current pool is not compliant with today’s standards for safety and accessibility. The new pool will have a zero entry option, and be fully accessible so all people are able to enjoy its features.

3. When the City did a survey of the local population, the new pool was selected as the most desired of the three choices.

4. For a ¼ cent sales tax, it will cost .25 for $100 of purchases. This will still place Monett as lower than many of the area’s sales tax rates across the region.

5. As companies look to relocate and expand into a community, family entertainment is an important aspect of what they look for. It makes sense from an economic development perspective.

The Monett Chamber of Commerce encourages you to vote “Yes” on April 4 to help Monett make a bigger “splash” on the area.

Jeff Meredith

Executive Director

Monett Chamber of Commerce