Monett school board approves budget for 2016-2017

Friday, July 8, 2016

Administrators raises from $1,500 to $4,750; teachers up 2.5 to 3 percent

Starting a new fiscal year, the Monett school board adopted a preliminary budget and approved raises for the coming school year.

The board adopted a budget calling for revenues of $26,194,650 and expenditures of $28,628.213.

"The deficit of approximately $1.5 million is pretty much 100 percent in the capital projects fund," said Superintendent Brad Hanson. "We plan to spend $3.3 million with projects, lease payments and the Central Park Elementary School projects. We anticipate ending the fiscal year with about $2.7 million in the capital projects fund, after transferring another $1.5 million into it next year.

"We also anticipate a $500,000 surplus in Funds 1 and 2 [which can be used to pay teacher's salaries]."

Pay increases for the district's 13 administrators was approved. These included:

* Superintendent Brad Hanson, $130,500 with in-district travel allowance approved as salary (+$4,750);

* Assistant Superintendent Mike Evans, $100,500 (+$3,000);

* David Williams, high school principal, $92,500 (+2,500);

* Jay Apostol, middle school principal, $89,200 (+$2,750);

* Cherie Austin, intermediate school principal, $78,000 (first year);

* Jennifer Wallace, Central Park Elementary principal, $80,000 (+$2,500);

* Susie Gasser, Monett Elementary principal, $84,750 (+$2,950);

* David Miller, Scott Tech director, $92,750 (+$2,350);

* Teena Fare, special services director, $93,000 (+$2,900);

* Caysie Turner, MHS assistant principal, $77,500 (+$2,500);

* Sarah Garner, MES assistant principal, $77,250 (+$2,350);

* Daryl Bradley, MHS dean/athletic director, $74,000 (+$2,250)

* Michael Calhoun, MMS dean/athletic director $70,750 (+$1,500).

In May, the board heard salary proposals from the Community Teachers Association (CTA). At the June board meeting, members approved a salary schedule.

"Most certified staff will get from a 2.5 percent to a 3 percent raise," Hanson said.

For certified teachers, the base salary was raised by $500, making the entry level pay $36,050. All steps for additional levels of education rose by $25 per step. Consequently the pay difference between each category, going up for bachelors degrees in six-year increments and rising for masters degrees in eight-year increments, rises by $450.

For faculty members who complete their masters degrees or specialist/doctoral degrees, the commiserate increase in pay rose from $1,650 to $1,900 in those steps.

The board approved adding one step to each column as requested by the CTA, so that teachers reaching those peaks would not see their pay frozen for another year. A step was also added for both the bachelors and masters degrees where the employee has 24 years of service. A teacher with a bachelor's degree can now receive an annual raise for 19 years before freezing until hitting 30 years of service. A teacher with a masters degree can receive an annual raise up to the 32nd year, which starts another category.

Each year of service will now see an increase of $450. The board added an extra $150 at years 6, 16 and 26, making those years worth a $600 jump.

Similar increases augmented the salary scale for non-certified teachers with business and industry experience who teach at the Scott Regional Technology Center.

For classified support staff, which includes food service, maintenance, secretarial and teacher's assistants, the board approved a 10-cent per hour addition to the base pay and a 25-cent increase for the technology department. In addition, the board added 10 cents at the ninth year of service and 20 cents at the 12th year, except for the technology division.

Pay for managing extra curricular activities remains a percentage of the teacher's pay. Hanson said no major changes were made, though a few changes were implemented. All certified faculty receive a $750 stipend for 30 hours of collaboration, except Scott Tech faculty already on an extended contract.

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