Letter to the Editor

Ralph Lamberson: Community's spirit on display at Wheaton Christmas parade

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Dear Editor:

The city of Wheaton has enjoyed a blessed existence and a rich history of close, personal relationships that now have covered five and six generations.

The spirit of this small, close-knit community was clearly demonstrated during the annual Wheaton Christmas Parade and the Wheaton Depot Museum Open House.

Santa was the star attraction of the evening, although, the long line of beautiful floats, marching bands and rolling displays of Holiday Splendor were a sight to see.

This letter is not an attempt to acknowledge all of those responsible for this spectacle, as even in a small community, someone would be left out, and that would not be right.

Several hundred families gathered to participate in an evening of festivities, without the scourge of political correctness. They were rewarded with a display of respect for the season, unashamed. Traditional Christmas carols were sung and played with feeling. Thank God for our Freedom to this without reprisal.

The Wheaton Historical Society and Wheaton Depot Museum, as they have for five years, hosted an open house that was enjoyed by hundreds.

Santa has a long-term lease on the front waiting room in the Old MN&A Depot, where he sits on his throne and welcomes children of all ages.

Thanks to the Masonic Lodge (Harley), and the L & S Grocery of Wheaton, for providing free hotdogs for all attendees (Tyler and Steve).

In deference to my earlier statement, I want to recognize Wheaton City Clerk Marianne Witt for her efforts to make this event a special time for everyone.

Ralph Lamberson

Reporter, Wheaton Historical Society and the Wheaton Depot Museum