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Letter to the Editor: Billy Long's travels

Friday, March 14, 2014

Dear Editor:

I've read Rep. Billy Long's "defense" of his travels to places like Baku, in Azerbaijan, as having helped him become more informed about a whole range of international and domestic issue; therefore, making him better able to serve his constituents.

Well, I'm one of those constituents and I'd Like to know the knowledge he acquired (for $13,600) and, furthermore, how this knowledge is to benefit me and the Seventh Congressional District?

He states that, "It's important for members of Congress to travel (since) we make decisions about the world." If the other 534 members adopt this world education philosophy, it would cost $7,290,000 for the Baku hotel alone!

However, since he says he's not familiar with (Azpod), who paid the bills, I guess it's supposed to be all right.

I eagerly await Mr. Long's revelation of these beneficial learnings garnered from Azerbaijan.

John R. Hagar


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