Celebrating 60 years of freedom

Friday, August 16, 2013
Photo by Mark McMillin Veterans were recognizes at Mazzios in Grove Okla. Pictured above, from left, are: Alvin Schad and Monte Meier, owner. Schad signed a cutout from the May edition of the Monett Times and presented it to Meier. Meier collects war memorabilia for his restaurant to honor veterans.

Alvin Schad, of Monett, understands what freedom truly means and at what price it is paid. A veteran of the Korean War, Schad spent 27 months in a Korean POW camp.

Friday, Aug. 16, marks the 60 year anniversary of Schads release from the war prison.

"We didn't believe our Chinese captures when told about our release," said Schad. "Until we saw our own soldiers could we truly breath a sigh of relief."

Mark McMillin, Schad's cousin, gave his account of the time Schad was in the war camp.

"Just imagine what it felt like to listen to the names over the radio of who had been released and was still alive," said McMillin. "You didn't know weather or not we'd ever see him again."

Fortunately for Schad he had made a promise to keep a $1 coin given to him by his brother before he left the country. Schad was told to bring it back with him when he came home. The $1 coin still resides in his wallet today. A promise kept.

Schad is still very much involved with the military. He is active with Shoe Boxes for Soldiers, were he writes letters to the military personnel around the world, telling them how freedom isn't free.

Schad was honored on Aug. 13 at Mazzios in Grove, Okla. at their weekly veteran appreciation night. Owner of Mazzios, Monte Meier, also a veteran, formally of Monett, collects war memorabilia in the restaurant to honor veterans.

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