Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor :

Friday, August 16, 2013

The Monett High School Football season is about to begin. In that connection it is good to see the marching band numbers growing and that the band will be competing in numerous contests this fall.

I am hoping that we'll get to hear the band play more, even when they are in the stands. I am also hoping that the recorded music played at the football games will be played at a lower volume. Last year the music was played at such a high decibel level that OSHA would have required ear plugs to be worn had the volume been present in an industrial setting. After all, as I remember, OSHA requires ear plugs to be worn in decibel levels higher than 84 decibels.

Let me wish the football Cubs and the marching band a good season with the volume of recorded music a bit lower!


Tom Kerr