The Purdy Festival: a model for a good time

Friday, July 26, 2013
Murray Bishoff, news editor

Hats off to the Purdy community for the second annual Purdy Festival.

The second annual event on July 20 ran the gamut for community activities. All that stuff you see in small town festivals was there: the rides for kids, vendors with concessions, a car show and live music. Blend in athletic events, a crafts show, a livestock show, a cooking contest, wagon rides, a veterans reception and perfect weather and you get a tremendous day for the town.

The most delightful things was people in town got excited about it. People came and they stayed.

Equally important, many people got into the act. So many attempts at festivals collapse because not enough people get involved. Many people pitched in, from the Purdy Renewal Project, the school district, the city and community.

The Purdy Renewal Project is a great idea and a good model. Every town should have a group willing to talk about making their town better and doing something about it. The great thing is seeing people excited about their community.

We've seen towns with folded up chambers of commerce and civic groups where the memory of how things faded away, or the fatigue of taking on big projects, somehow lingers for years. There comes a time to put that baggage aside and doing something today.

That's what happened in Purdy last weekend. It was exciting to see. Maybe it's easier because the festival only happens once a year. Even that can send people in some towns into a panic. Purdy people are made of sterner stuff. The 2013 Purdy Festival ran so well that expectations are high for next year.