In with the new

Friday, July 26, 2013
Lisa Craft, managing editor

I was recently invited to go on a tour of the new Monett City Park casino with my newspaper colleague, Murray Bishoff. I was speechless.

I admit that I had done nothing to this point but drive by, and that had not happened very often.

I was one of those people that were hanging on to all of the sentimental memories that haunted the halls of the old casino. I was very upset to see it come down.

I spent every second Sunday in June at the casino with the family at our annual reunion. Great memories with many family members that are now deceased.

I have enjoyed company Christmas parties at the casino, school dances, meetings and probably more events than I can imagine.

So to make a long story short, I hated for another historical building to leave the grounds of Monett and our beautiful park.

I will be the first one to tell you that I held off seeing the progress of the new building, just because of all of the memories that the old building held.

Well I was wrong. I stepped into the new casino today and was in awe! The new building is beautiful and offers so much to those waiting to make new memories in a new building.

I cannot express how much I was impressed with the design, the light fixtures, the bathrooms, storage, and the outside patios that offer enough room for get togethers with an outside fireplace.

Maybe the older we get, the more sentimental we become, but in this instance, the replacement is well worth the change.

Monett is growing continuously and changing which is simply, reality. The changes are good and make a new path for all of us to make new memories for the old and the young.

At this point, I will stand corrected in my way of thinking and say thank you City of Monett for giving us the best and continuing to improve our great town!